Has Putin’s name any connection to Rasputin?

Vladimir (Ras)Putin’s Jewish, Communist, and Bloodline Connections

[Mod 2.1 – 30 July 2016]

A reader recently brought to my attention the possible link between Vladimir Putin’s surname and that of Grigori Rasputin, the famed Russian occultist and advisor to the Romanovs (Russia’s “royal” family)…
…The fact that the Romanovs associated so closely with a man so obviously demon-possessed tells you a lot about them.

Hearing the conjecture that Putin’s name might be an occultic nod to Rasputin, I recalled something I read about Putin in his Wikipedia bio

“The ancestry of Vladimir Putin has been described as a mystery with no records surviving of any ancestors of any people with the surname ‘Putin’ beyond his grandfather Spiridon Ivanovich.”

And there is something interesting about his grandfather Spiridon…

“Vladimir Putin’s paternal grandfather, Spiridon Ivanovich Putin (1879–1965), was a chef who at one time or another cooked for Vladimir Lenin, Lenin’s wife Nadezhda Krupskaya, and on several occasions for Joseph Stalin.”

So Putin’s grandfather had personal connections with both Lenin…
…and Stalin…
…and he was trusted enough by them to be allowed to cook their meals. This relationship between the Putin family and top communist leaders brings to mind another thing to which the communists are connected: occult Judaism. Looking into this connection, a particular passage from this Henry Makow article caught my eye…

“The Illuminati bankers created Communism to harness the working class to their program of a comprehensive world dictatorship (now known as “globalization.”) The Illuminati and Communists are Masonic secret societies that celebrate the same anniversary, May 1, 1776 and share the same satanic symbols.”

Speaking of symbols, let’s have a look at another piece of the Putin puzzle: his reintroduction of Tsarist symbols to Russia, This is the first flag of the Russian Tsar…
…Note the double-headed eagle with the crest on its chest and three crowns above its heads…

…which is now Russia’s Coat of Arms…

And the first flag of the Russian Tsar is now “the Flag of the Commander-in-Chief of Russia”…



And speaking of the three crowns above the eagle’s heads, here is Putin bowing before three crowns worn by clergymen of the Russian Orthodox Church…
…Clearly, there is something going on with Putin that the general public is not fully grasping.

While we’re on the subject of crowns, have a look at what this 2002 article from Pravda says about The Mysterious Genealogy of Russian President Putin

“…Is Putin an offspring of the Tver prince? This hypothesis was getting more and more real. The name Putin is not mentioned amid the Russian names. This means that the name is of the artificial origin.

This name has appeared recently, somewhere in the middle of the 19th century. All Putins originally came from the clan of Putins from the Tver region. Illegitimate offsprings of noble families were often given cut names. For example, Russian writer Pnin was an illegitimate son of Field Marshal Repnin. There were lots of other occasions like that – Betskoy instead of Trubetskoy, Gribov instead of Griboyedov. The new names of unofficial clan branches were formed by means of deduction: a syllable was simply taken out of it.

The family book of the Tver region mentions the name of Putyanin – a clan of Russian princes. This clan gave a lot of outstanding military leaders to Russia, as well as artists, politicians and priests. This is one of the oldest clans in the Russian history. If President Putin is a descendant of the Putyatins clan, this means that Vladimir Putin has a relation to all royal families of Europe.”

Since the US Presidents have been shown to be related to European royals, the article’s hypothesis wouldn’t surprise me if true. And if we take a closer look at the Putyatin clan referenced in the article, we find a reference to the Rasputin connection…
…From Wikipedia

With these puzzle pieces set before us, what insights can we draw from them? Given this and previous information I’ve encountered, these are my provisional conclusions:

Conclusion 1 — Putin is a Stealth Jew (a.k.a. a Crypto-Jew).

I brought up the subject of Stealth Jews in an update on my second blog after reading another of Henry Makow’s posts. Here is a portion of what I wrote…

>>> Upon reading the post, I was disappointed to see Henry still clutching to the idea that Putin is somehow working against the “Satanist Jews and Freemasons (the Illuminati) [who] control the government and the media in the West” (there is no fence that has kept them confined to the West, Henry; they didn’t even start out in the West). It’s surprising he still sees Putin this way given that his own site contains an entry that explores the probable hidden Jewish roots of Vladimir Epstein… err… Putin. <<<

My current personal take on Vladimir Putin is that he is a Khazarian Crypto-Jew who descended from a mating between a Russian nobleman and a Jewish mother.

Conclusion 2 — With the Putin family’s communist connections in one hand, and Putin’s reintroduction of the Tsars’ royal symbols in the other, one is led to suspect that the Communist Revolution in Russia served two purposes:

1) It allowed the Jews to take down the Russian royals and the Russian Orthodox Church and Judaize both before relaunching them, and

2) It allowed royal rule to be hidden behind a facade like it was in the West.

As Makow and others suggest, communism in the East — just like the fake democracy of the West — was used to move the people in the direction of a global government under the guidance of a Hidden Hand. The whole time “the workers” (in the East) and “the people” (in the West) were being told they were governing their own direction, they were actually being herded into the NWO. And now that we’re approaching the culmination of the globalist plan, the Hidden Hand is beginning to show itself for all to see. If the Jews (who are the driving force among the Hidden Hand Occulted Powers) get their way, all of the world will be ruled by a god-king controlled by them, and he will be called “Jesus Christ.”

Much love…

(P.S. – 12 March 2016) – Israel’s Chief Sephardic Rabbi has confirmed that Putin is a Jew.


9 Responses to “Has Putin’s name any connection to Rasputin?”

  1. RabbiT says:

    Not sure I’d want to read too much into the double headed eagle my local library having it on its frontage probably thanks to bleedin’ masons.


    That said the author’s claim “eat an apple, be condemned forever; kill God’s son, all’s forgiven. Say what?!?” shows he knows nothing about what he claims to debunk.

    Eating the apple led to the first judgement. It was of the tree of knowledge of good and evil Eve and Adam now learning evil having disobeyed God and obeying Satan.

    Killing God’s Son was an evil act but opened the way to personal relationship with God through belief in Jesus as saviour His taking the punishment mankind deserved. Simple and rational to anyone who understands the Christian faith which clearly he is wholly ignorant of and has no right to be claiming such is debunked by him in his wholly inadequate thesis. My advice to Ken – write about things you have knowledge of not opinions on.

  2. Nollidge says:

    Sorry,but this this is total B.S. No-one truly knows Putin’s ancestry because so many Russians were slaughtered in the so-called “civil war”,& then the Bolshevik takeover that this kind of speculation is B.S.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Speculation is educational in that Putin is short for another name – and that indicates illegitimacy. The article is not claiming to tell any truth, as far as I can see. It’s looking at possibilities. It’s also important in that if Putin is bloodline, his actions could be other than hoped.

  4. Chris B says:

    It is entirely possible Putin has some Jewish blood, but this article provides absolutely zero evidence for that contention – in fact quite the opposite. Rasputin was a Christian mystic! He may well have been manipulated by Jews but there’s absolutely nothing Jewish about the man himself. Furthermore, any ties to noble Russian blood would suggest Putin is far more likely not a Jew than that he is of Jewish heritage As for his ties to communists, well that is just ridiculous. Of course he has ties to the communists – he was a senior party apparatchik! You might as well argue that Putin is a human, Jews are human, therefore Putin must be a Jew. A truly ludicrous and facile argument.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Point taken. His father can’t have been Jewish. And the male side of his father’s inheritance. There is no proof of anything here, but conjecture. The fact that we don’t know suggests that here might be something to hide. As presumably he knows his ancestry himself.

    • Chris B says:

      There’s most definitely reason for strong conjecture re Putin’s alleged ties to Jewish oligarchs and possible Jewish heritage (on mother’s side) which is why the above argument is so disappointing. Still, the one argument the author makes re his obscure, and potentially shortened, name is indeed valid, though it has been mentioned many times before.

  6. Dublinmick says:

    This is a big fail by Makow who adheres to the company line.

    The redefing Gpd site would best be called redefing chutzpah.

    Rasputin: Russia’s Most Famous Son


  7. Dublinmick says:

    I strongly recommend wathing this while it is available on youtube in entirety. it is my favorite movie. Rasputin is played by Alan Rickard who does a marvelous job. I have the cd which is hard to find and very expensive, sometimes 50 dollars on ebay.

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