George Michael’s death at 53 – ‘unexplained but not suspicious,’ say Police.


On 25 December 2016, Michael, aged 53, died at his home in Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire in his sleep.[179] It has been reported that Michael died from heart failure, according to his agent Michael Lippman, but the cause of death has not yet been officially verified.


George Michael dabbled in political songwriting, with the song Shoot The Dog criticising the relationship between the UK and US and the Iraq War.

He will also be remembered for his charity work, taking part in the 1984 supergroup Band Aid for the song Do They Know It’s Christmas in efforts to raise money to combat famine in Ethiopia. Michael also threw his support behind Aids charities, and was a patron of the Elton John Aids Foundation. He was also a patron of Rainbow Trust, a charity for terminally ill children.

Michael had previously suffered health scares. In 2011 the singer cancelled a string of concerts, suffering from pneumonia. While in hospital he slipped into a three-week coma and had undergone a tracheotomy. The singer said that upon waking from his coma he temporarily had a West Country accent.

In 2013 the singer suffered a head injury after falling from his moving car on a motorway. He was airlifted to hospital.

His death is described by Police as unexplained.

Tap – The Wham song ‘Last Christmas I gave you my heart’ will remind everyone of the day he died.

George Michael RIP – researched and written by Nina Saddique

Not many people know this but, George Michael was Pro-Palestinian & against the Iraq War.

BBC banned the single he sang for Gaza & the powers that be absolutely assassinated his character/ reputation & his credibility.
He said when addressing the Blair’s decision to go to war:

“One of the central issues is being lessened in the British media and the American media, which is the importance of sorting out the problems in Palestine. ”

Further adding

“…….And the worldwide perspective is that America is about to attack Saddam Hussein for oil and [Israeli Premier Ariel] Sharon is left to get on with his own business in Israel and that those two things show an absolute double standard……”

George Michael RIP – researched and written by Nina Saddique

{Now you have probably never heard of this, and that is how the pro Israel media works. All they ever told you about George Michael after his comments, were designed to destroy his public image. They turned him into an out of control freak show. Sex and drugs – that’s all the headlines were about.

Buried was the story they didn’t want people talking about. He was so against the neoconservative Iraq war, that he dedicated his album to it, as a result SONY refused to publicise it. (Why Sony chose to do this can only be guessed at, but a clue was found in WikiLeaks, when an alleged hack by North Korea showed that powerful Jewish Zionist executives at the top of Sony Entertainment, were fuming that certain artists had shown their support for the Palestinians).

The split between him and Sony over this ended his career as he promised never to sing for them again. Their refusal to terminate his contract, meant he lost hundreds of millions of pounds in lost album sales and kept him silent for a decade – which suited them fine. They had destroyed another pro-Palestinian voice. He lapsed into drink and depression and would never be the same again}.


To call us [Wham!] Thatcherite was so simplistic, basically saying that if you’ve got a deep enough tan and made a bit of money then you’ve got to be a Thatcherite.

—Labour voter throughout the 1980s, Michael distanced himself from Thatcher’s Conservative Party.[156]

During the time of Margaret Thatcher as the Conservative Prime Minister of the United Kingdom throughout the 1980s, Michael voted Labour.[156]

Michael wrote “Shoot the Dog“, a song critical about the friendly relationship between the British and American governments, in particular Tony Blair and George W. Bush, with their involvement in the Iraq War.[157] Michael voiced his concern about the lack of public consultation in the UK regarding the War on Terror: “On an issue as enormous as the possible bombing of Iraq, how can you represent us when you haven’t asked us what we think?”[157]

During 2000, Michael joined Melissa Etheridge, Garth Brooks, Queen Latifah, the Pet Shop Boys, and k.d. lang, to perform in Washington, D.C. as part of ‘Equality Rocks’ – a concert to benefit the Human Rights Campaign.[158]

In 2007, the £1.45 million piano that John Lennon used to write “Imagine” was sent by Michael around the US on a “peace tour”, having it on display at places where violence had taken place, such as DallasDealey Plaza, where US President John. F. Kennedy was shot.[1]

He devoted his 2007 concert in Sofia, Bulgaria, from his “Twenty Five Tour” to the Bulgarian nurses prosecuted in the HIV trial in Libya.[159] On 17 June 2008, Michael said he was thrilled by California’s legalisation of same-sex marriage, calling the move “way overdue”.[160]



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