Five People Arrested for Dousing Children in Fake Blood to Stage Aleppo War Propaganda




It is being reported that five people in Port Said, Egypt were arrested last week for attempting to stage fake Syrian war propaganda using children doused in fake blood.

Police detained a small camera crew including a videographer, his assistants, and the parents of two children after they were followed to the site of a building set to be demolished. The kids were wearing clothes stained in fake blood and were instructed to give testimonies about living in war-torn Aleppo as it is being torn apart specifically by Russian airstrikes.

While some have speculated whether or not this is fake news, The Independent is reporting that the story has been verified by the Egyptian Interior Ministry.

The material was set for release on social media.

Makes you wonder whose paying this crew’s paycheck to douse kids in fake blood and lie for the cameras. This wouldn’t be the first time war propaganda was staged to fit the West’s regime change agenda in Syria; but it is one of the most amateur attempts outed yet. The Pentagon has also been spending hundreds of millions to make fake terrorist videos, just by the way.

Stories like this one right here are why we can’t believe anything we see coming out of Syria without further investigation. The way the entire thing is being framed and, in some cases outright faked, is all used to manufacture our consent for more unconstitutional war… again, all based on a lie.

And we are supposed to fall for it?

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