Everything you need to know about “fake news” Russian hack hallucinations

Mike Adams From Mike Adams

As the “fakestream media” implodes by the day, you are watching a revolution take shape that will see the old media giants made irrelevant or extinct.

All the same media propagandists who told you vaccines are harmless and GMOs are perfectly safe are now ridiculously telling you the Russians helped Trump win the election.

I’ve been covering the “fake news” and “Russian hack” narratives in detail. Here’s what you need to know:

Article #1: The mainstream media is attempting a “soft coup” to overthrow the government.

Article #2: Washington Post goes “full treason” by totally fabricating false article to blame the Russians.

Article #3 (from last week, now more relevant than ever): The globalist war against humanity shifts into high gear(Must read)

Review them all to stay informed…


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