Modern physics is dead but won’t lie down

Einstein is dead.  Obviously.  His whole thesis is dead too.   You wouldn’t know that by watching mainstream media.  Newton’s Law is also dead.  Gravity as he explained it is not understandable, and compared to the force of electro-magnetism in space can be valued at zero.  Wal Thornhill explains what he calls ‘the alternative cosmology’.  The Big Bang is bunk.  Black holes.  Dark energy.  Light is not the fastest thing in the universe.  Space is not a vacuum.  Science left the path of reason over a hundred years ago.  It’s nice to witness it coming back to something that makes sense.

Published on Dec 3, 2016

In this John Chappell Memorial Lecture, Wal Thornhill sets forth a unified paradigm where plasma is the dominant, universal medium and the electric force rules the cosmos. Wal’s message to conventional theorists is simple and direct: give up all mathematical contrivances and return to the solid ground of observation, deduction, and interdisciplinary synthesis. Based on more than four decades of systematic research, his broad understanding of discoveries in the laboratory and in space offers a practical way forward in the sciences.

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