Election recount is still serious threat to Trump


TOLD YOU SO! THE MSM LIED. Another AP report confirms Jill Stein will now file at both the Federal and County level while dems destroy old ballots, re-fill them out in the names of people who voted and CAST THEM AGAIN.

Just like I said – they are NOT GIVING UP. They want the election stolen at ALL COSTS, including fat paychecks to people willing to risk their skin forging ballots. They can’t stuff new ones but they can destroy old ones and re-write them so they go to Hillary instead and that is EXACTLY what they are doing, this is well explained on this page in the links.

Pennsylvania is GOING DOWN, there is a very good reason why votes keep trickling in and swinging it to Hillary.

Trolls are writing saying I’m full of it and just fear mongering and that I should “eat crow” after Jill lost at the state level today. Not so, and that’s too bad, she’s taking it to a whole new level now.


Everything I mention in this update is fully documented with links in the page below, and I mean DOCUMENTED to the last letter.

Jill will now continue the recount effort by suing every single major precinct. The MSM LIED AS USUAL. First of all, they are not covering any of the recount issues well at all – many people do not even know it is going on. Now, they are lying about Pennsylvania.


1. CONTINUE FORGING BALLOTS IN PENNSYLVANIA (where they are replacing genuine ballots with forgeries) until they have enough forgeries to either flip it to hillary or force a recount. This is exactly how they mysteriously came up with over 25,000 more ballots for Hillary and shrunk Trump’s lead to 49,000. They came up with an initial 22,000 on Friday and were able to forge an additional 4,000 today. At this rate, they will trip a recount in 3 more days, and steal it entirely in 12 days. And you can watch it happen on Pennsylvania’s own vote tabulation web site. The media is lying and saying the vote tabulation is done, all the while you can still see them creep in on Pennsylvania’s official web site. The MSM has got to know this, and they are lying about it for a reason. The official web site makes it very clear: The posted results are NOT OFFICIAL because it is still ongoing as of two hours before Dec 4.

2. CONTINUE THE RECOUNT EFFORT AT A PRECINCT LEVEL RATHER THAN A STATE LEVEL in the hopes of flipping enough to Hillary to either hand it to her outright, or trigger a recount. These two methods in conjunction with each other, are extremely likely to flip it if people sit on the couch and let it happen.

I AM NOT CLICK BAITING OR TRYING TO SCARE PEOPLE, I AM SAYING IT LIKE IT IS. For some reason Pennsylvania STILL has precincts with “uncounted” ballots ALMOST A MONTH after the election. This is ONLY because team hillary has people forging ballots until the election is flipped. IF PEOPLE GO TO SLEEP AND LET THIS SLIDE, IT WILL BE FLIPPED.

Look people, I am NOT MAKING THIS STUFF UP. I have all the links and proof this is going on. I am not quoting joe blow or fake news, I am quoting AP directly and proving it is NOT OVER by showing you plain as day on Pennsylvania’s own election tallying state web site that is showing the slip to oblivion with updates every three minutes. THEY ARE STEALING THIS, AND YOU CAN WATCH IT PROGRESS HEREThe actual page date is at the bottom of the page, the date at the top of the page was put there on election day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All precincts were shown as “reporting” and the graph has shown 100% for weeks now and did within a couple days of the election. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE COUNT IS DONE, I HAVE CONFIRMED THAT EVEN NOW, SATURDAY EVENING, THEY HAVE NOT RETURNED ALL VOTES (obviously because in the big precincts they are STILL FORGING BALLOTS.

I am not alone in saying the recount is not over, other credible web sites are saying the same thing! THE MSM WANTS YOU TO BELIEVE IT IS OVER SO YOU GO HOME, GO TO BED, AND LET THEM STEAL IT IN PEACE.

ELECTION STEALING METHOD IN PENNSYLVANIA REVEALED. SEE THIS. Now we know how Hillary started smashing Trump at the end!


Dec 4 2016

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  1. Olive Farmer says:

    Seems like the entire election, with two distasteful candidates, with the evident mind control of the phone hugging Millennial SJWs (future zombies?), with the subsequent ‘Pizzagate’ farago and the outing of cointelpro fake news outfits masquerading as the genuine alternative. What’s next?
    Civil War: http://olivefarmercrete.blogspot.gr/2016/11/recount-civil-war-and-more.html

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