Democracy is based on assassination

TAP – The powerful can only maintain the pretence of democracy for the masses, by eliminating any real threats to themselves ‘in ways other than democratic’.  This video, for example, explains how the Feds took out political leaders forty years ago to prevent the Civil Rights movement gathering strength.

More recently Clinton is simply too kill-crazy, to the extent that she has herself become a threat to many high level power-holders.  The limitations to a system which bases itself on the killing of opposition has to be that those above a certain level won’t accept that they are on the list of ‘to be killed’, or to lose.  Putin, for example, was horrified by the assassination of Gaddaffi, and he made it clear that this was a game he doesn’t wish to play.

Trump doesn’t want a nuclear confrontation with Russia or China, as he wants to be kept on as Mr Big of his little Empire.  He likes his world too much with all the pussies he can grab, and business deals he can leverage.  The destabilisation, once it threatens fellow power-holders – TPTSNB – is meeting a counter force, which with any luck, is trying to stop the process for a while.  The control systems will be replaced with something else, no doubt, which preserves the TPTSNB, but total destabilisation and the murder of anyone and everyone who gets in the way – Clinton-style – has thankfully not as yet made it to become the norm. (SN – should not)

The Rothschilds want war, with America the main victim.  Is it surprising that some of those intended Americans victims are not so keen on it?  With Trump trying to hold on to power, the killers haven’t yet won the day, although the recount is still being held as a possibility.  The same way that Brexit is being stopped in the courts, for the time being, at least.  The unravelling of the Satanic system has  along way to go, but at least there’s a few moves in the right direction detectable.  The pussy grabbers might be starting to win against the Sodomites.  Meantime more of the public need to awaken to the Satanic Cult if the process is to gather momentum.

Today is the anniversary of the joint
FBI-Chicago Police Department operation
to assassinate Fred Hampton.

Who was Fred Hampton?

A charismatic young leader who
was very effective at bringing young
and old, black and white, middle
class and poor together in opposition
to a corrupt city and national government.

J. Edgar Hoover, when he wasn’t cavorting
with organized crime figures, was of the
opinion that the country would be better
off without people like Hampton.


– Brasscheck TV

Pornography and the Deliberate Manipulation of Human Sexuality


4 Responses to “Democracy is based on assassination”

  1. Nollidge says:

    I haven’t yet watched this video,but I see the stamp of “Democracy Now” on the screen.I think you should take a look at this list of articles showing some suspicions about that show’s integrity.

  2. Tapestry says:

    The guy being interviewed knows his stuff. Even some things on the BBC are true! Not many I would admit. Main media channels are always suspect. I recommend hearing the guy out. Many good people have died to get the truth out. Here is someone not frightened to speak of what he knows despite the obvious risks to his health.

    • Nollidge says:

      Sorry Tap.I should have said that SITE’S integrity.One of the articles about them details how they are now shilling for war against Syria,which is what the Neo-cons want.Very much a pro-Israel site which covers that up by putting out videos like this.

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