Britain should join the EU – The Electric Universe – and get free power

Dear EU Friends,

Year by year the electrical connection of the gas giant Jupiter to its moon Io becomes more apparent, raising increasing doubts about the popular description of Io’s enigmatic plumes as “volcanoes.” The emerging best explanation describes the plumes as electric discharge events, exactly as first proposed by the distinguished astrophysicist Thomas Gold in 1979. See this week’s Space News Electric Arcs on Jupiter’s Moon Io.

Discourses on an Alien Sky #25 — The Great Comet Venus is now posted on The Thunderbolts Project YouTube Channel. This video will be the first in an anticipated series of Discourses on Venus mysteries.  And speaking of the Discourses, I’m told that one of our German translators is finishing the subtitles this week. We are deeply indebted to all of our translators for their superb work.

In January, we will begin posting talks from our EU2016 conference.  Also in late January, look for the opening of EU2017 registration.  We hope you have marked your calendar for August 17-20 at the Sheraton Mesa Wrigleyville West, the same location as EU2016.

This past month our YouTube channel surpassed 13 million views, and we’re closing in on 75,000 subscribers.  We encourage you to pass on the URL for the Channel as we approach 2017. Our hope is to double those numbers next year.

~ Dave Talbott and Team


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