Berlin truck incident looks false


No signs of any impacts on the front of the truck.  Only broken glass?

Fire service looks like it’s an exercise.

All strolling around casually with nothing to do.  No sign of any urgency even with handling of supposed casualties.

Body shown on stretcher shows no signs of injury.  Hands moving naturally.  Faces look conscious and OK.  All large males.

I saw nothing to make me think it was a real incident.

No discussion on whose lorry it was, or how it was obtained.

Mentions of twitter and social networking, but only from journalists who ‘happened to be present’ – Berliner Morgenpost.

The security services were on the scene instantly.

The coverage mentioned the assassination of Russia’ ambassador to Turkey as if that was relevant to this incident also.

Very odd altogether.


Polish owner of Berlin truck says driver ‘missing’




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