BBC… Where our money comes from – now you know why its agenda driven fake news




In 2015-2016 BBC Media Action projects reached at least 200 million people, with a typical weekly audience of 21 million in the fields of governance, health and resilience, and responding to humanitarian emergencies. BBC Media Action worked on 99 projects encompassing TV, radio, online, mobile phone, social media, face-to-face dialogue and capacity strengthening.

Our largest donor in 2015-16 was the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID). It supports us through a five-year ‘Global Grant’ to produce media and communication outputs that contribute to better governance, healthier populations and an increased ability to cope with humanitarian crises. Our programmes funded by the Global Grant in 2015-16 reached an estimated 143.8 million people (78.5 million in governance, 11.4 million in resilience and humanitarian response, and 53.9 million in health). DFID awarded us an A+ rating for our Global Grant overall, meaning we ‘exceeded expectations’.

Other significant donors were the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, several UN agencies, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and US government funding through USAID, OFDA and the Department of State among others.

There was notable support from the 18 members of our Corporate Leaders Group who contributed cash and in-kind support and we used donations from individuals to support innovative new work through our Catalyst Fund.

Funds raised from individuals are of critical importance to the organisation because they are flexible. This type of funding can be used as a catalyst for projects to seed larger initiatives.

Funding was not received directly from the BBC other than as a gift in kind relating to airtime and office space, and a small grant that reflects the free content provided to BBC World Service by BBC Media Action.

Find out more about BBC Media Action’s Catalyst Fund; our Corporate Leaders Group; and individual donating.

The financial information reviewed on this page has been extracted from the Annual Report for the year to 31 March 2016.




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