Assassination of ambassador won’t slow Russian campaign in Syria.


HITLER’s BIRTHPLACE – We have been watching the wrangling by the Austrian

Parliament on what to do with the apartment building in which Adolf Hitler was born – or

was he? A good friend in Austria sends this:

“It absolutely is fact that this house which is written about is NOT HIS

BIRTHPLACE!!!!! The real place of his birth was a wooden extension added to the

house made of stone which still exists. There was a woman speaking in Austrian TV

some months ago in 2016. She said she is still a neighbor of the house that is now

called Hitler’s birthplace. She lives in front of the so-called Hitler House. She lives

there since decades and her mother lived there before at the time when Hitler was

born. Her mother knew the parents of Hitler and all the people around there. When

Bormann came to Braunau, after the so-called Anschluss, he wanted to make PR

with this house. But this was a fake for political reasons already in 1938 because the

wooden extension – the real birthplace – had been torn down times before. When

Bormann came there in 1938 to make PR with this house the wooden extension did

not exist. But nobody is interested in facts when there must be done PR, not in 1938

and not today. So why this discussion & quarrel about something that does not exist?

Easy to tell – Hitler must not die. They need him more than ever to do their PR.”

EDITOR NOTE – This is strangely reminiscent of a few decades ago when Abe

Resnik, the nitwit mayor of Miami Beach bought “Hitler’s Yacht” where Hitler and Eva

allegedly had wild sex in the cabin. Abe had the yacht sunk at the spot where the liner

ST. LOUIS was turned back and returned to Germany. The problem is – Hitler and Eva

were never aboard this yacht; it was not Hitler’s but rather one of the racing yachts from

the 1936 Olympics; it was not even a yacht but just the keel and a few rotting ribs and to

rub more salt in the wound…..Mayor Abe had it sunk right smack on a living coral reef!

There were a bunch of Federal agencies howling for Abe’s scalp. He was forced to

have the wreckage picked up and dropped further out to sea; then commenced the

finger pointing. Abe said it was the towboat Skipper’s fault who in turn said he dropped

it where Abe told him…….and it was not even what they said it was, and all for fake PR!

RE-TAKE ALEPPO – More coming in from S.E.I.G. Agent MARCONI:

Good Morning from UK Harry,

Hope all is well with you and yours. Not much here at present, although certain transmitters have been a

bit busier of late. Yesterday, a station known to service Russian Diplomatic and/or Intelligence groups

sent a block of 6 messages in teletype. Content is obviously encrypted, but they are talking and one

wonders to whom and why. Could be related to the apparent progress of the Assad regimes push to re-
take Aleppo. Contents as follows: Msge1:46 groups. Msge2:4 Groups: Msge 3: 25 Groups. Msge 4: 162

Groups: Msge 5: 4 Groups. Msge 6: 4 Groups. Another group of stations sending messages and related

to a known Russian family of intelligence stations is fairly busy. Sending is via data burst, or computer

data over radio. Obviously we can only decrypt the teletype into numbers so no nearer decrypting the

actual message content. (I WISH!!!) But, as you know, the fact that they are sending is significant in itself.

More as and when. Best Regards, MARCONI


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