Ambassador assassination debunked. Fake.

Meet Nathan of Lift The Veil.   He takes you through a mass of detail which leaves you in no doubt you’re watching false events.

Look at the body lying on the ground.  No blood or sign of injury.   Look at the gunman at the moment of the last shot that’s heard.  His gun is by his side not pointing or recoiling.  He supposedly fired eight shots if you count.  Where are the injuries?  The stills photography is extraordinary.  The cameraman was everywhere.  How did he move around the room with such ease, when all others were supposedly huddling in the corner of the room?  It sure looks fake.  The pictures are not hanging straight on the wall.  They don’t look like they’re anything worth looking at, or indicating anything about Turkey’s relationship with Russia.  So many circumstances look odd, when analysed carefully. The commentator calls Karlov ‘Lavrov’ for some reason.  His analysis is quite good in all other details.  Why does the cameraman stay still and keeps filming when everyone else runs for it?  Take a good long look.

The news media hits back with another film of the event, which looks equally fake, and another with a slo-mo of a bullet supposedly passing through Karlov’s jacket (the first supposed shot).

The bullet appears to pass through the ambassador.  The footage could well be doctored as the clothing appears to change its look, removing his waistcoat just as the supposed bullet appears.  I suppose there are technical ways to make anything appear in a piece of film these days.  This is not a very professional job.

One detail that catches the eye is why does the ambassador’s shirt collar pop up?  Did he not have a shirt that fitted him, and he left the top button undone?  Or did he know he was about to fall to the ground, and in rehearsal he had found it easier not to have his neck button done up?  Surely ambassadors can afford to have shirts made that fit them.

The problem then becomes why would Russia and Turkey cooperate with these media deceptions?  Are they both under so much CIA control that they can be made to act out events that are designed to lead on to a major war?  Most alternative media people hope that Putin’s resistance to One World Government is genuine, not a performance.  Is the ambassador playing along with this theatre without Putin’s approval?  That would seem most unlikely.  There really is no hope, in that case.  We’re all being played for fools right across the whole spectrum.

Thanks for your work, Nathan.  You deserve a subscription on Youtube, and anything else readers want to send you.



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  1. UglyTruth says:

    “No blood or sign of injury”

    There’s what looks like blood under his head in one of the photos.

  2. Bigmoo says:

    Initial reports were 9 confirmed shots. It then changed to 11. Where have I seen those numbers before. Now it appears to be 8. Not a drop of blood or any splash in a white room. The assailant loitering with intent in hd background with the obligatory shaky footage. Conclusion , false flag.

  3. quenelka says:

    So if it isn’t a real shooting, then the Ambassador has to go down like he has been shot and pretend. How does a big old guy do that, on a hard floor with so many cameras filming him?

    If footage is doctored then all the other journalists etc would have to be in on it or they would possibly have non doctored footage.

    Now if the the Ambassador is alive, where is he? Hiding out on Flase Flag Island with all the sandy hook kids etc? May as well kill him for real if he has to never be seen again.

  4. Bigmoo says:

    Nearly forgot. No spent bullet casings anywhere in the room. Now, this part is of equal importance. If not more so. When he does his ‘Allahu Akbar’ bit – non Muslim or those who have no in depth knowledge of Islam – might not know this. When he put his hand in the air with his finger extended and said ‘Allahu Akbar’, it was his left hand. This is absolutely critical, because the gesture is to symbolise ‘tawheed’ or in English thd oneness of Allah and the extended finger must be on thf right hand, symbolising oneness and righteousness. Not a mere detail but critical. When a Muslim prays 5 times per day, a part of the prayer is called yhe Tashahud and will commonly see the right index finger extended or lightly tapping. So extending the right finger happens all day every day of your life. Therefore, whomever the person staging the fake/false flag shooting can’t possibly even be a Muslim. Again, adding a different dynamic to the occurrence and given more insight fromba perspective perhaps unknown to those who know little of Islam. Conclusion, false flag committed by a fake Muslim.

  5. Tapestry says:

    There are spent bullet casings, latest analysis shows. Counted at 9.

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