I have been told by a very good source that the UK government Food Standards Agency (FSA) is planning a major purge against the alternative sector, not least by using the new government ‘Snooper’s Charter’ which Edward Snowden has described as ‘the most extreme surveillance in the history of western democracy’.

If they are stupid enough to do this, it is a wonderful opportunity to mass-mobilize all those that believe in health freedom – and all freedom – against the government and its agencies which, in the field of alleged ‘health’, are mere puppets of the Big Pharma tyranny.

It would also be a perfect platform to expose the extraordinary levels of legal bias against anyone who sees health in a different way to the Big Pharma scalpel and drug multi-billion pound monopoly that, in totality, is one of the biggest killers on earth.

If they do this, a great opportunity will have been let loose – one we must not allow to pass

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