A movement is afoot in Europe to wipe out anything and everything connected with the Third Reich


TEAR IT DOWN! – No, we are not referring to the famous statement by RONALD

REAGAN, Member #1858 to tear down the Berlin Wall. The internet is buzzing with

reports that the Austrian Government plans to demolish the apartment building where

Adolf Hitler was born. It also indicates that the owner of the building is fighting against

this plan. Some years ago the large main room on the ground floor was transformed

into a recreation facility for lesbians but the stylized ‘MB’ (Martin Bormann) under whose

guidance the building was renovated decades ago, was still above the entrance.

We have noted that a movement is afoot in Europe to wipe out almost anything and

everything connected with the Third Reich. The nameplate on Paula Hitler’s grave has

been covered with another name; the homes of Hitler, Göring and Bormann have been

totally destroyed and removed from the Obersalzberg; the estate of Josef Goebbels has

been allowed to deteriorate; the home and bunker complex of Großadmiral Karl Dönitz

has been left open and unguarded and now is all but gone……the list goes on and on

but there appears to be no doubt as to the direction it is going. We’ll keep you advised.



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