2,000 Veterans Just Arrived At Standing Rock To Form “Human Shield” Around Protesters


Over two thousand veterans have volunteered to stand against police brutality and they have started arriving at the Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp near Cannon Ball North Dakota. The veterans intend to form a “human shield” protecting the protectors from the violent militarized police force that has been assaulting them for months.

The protectors, who number in the thousands, have been fighting to halt the construction of a $3.8 billion oil pipeline which would desecrate lands sacred to the Standing Rock Sioux and threaten the health of local water supplies. The police have been openly violating human rights with their intimidation tactics, setting attack dogs on protesters, sexually humiliating and arresting hundreds on trumped up charges, reports Colin Taylor of Occupy Democrats.

After months of failed attempts to break the Spirit of the Protectors, the police are still continuing to attack the unarmed peaceful protectors with pepper spray, tear gas, concussion grenades, and rubber bullets. One protester had her arm amputated after a shell brutally tore her muscles apart and another may lose her sight from the tear gas. They followed that up with water cannons in sub-zero temperatures, causing hundreds to be treated for hypothermia.

The police have taken it a step further and decided it is appropriate for them to fine anyone bringing food or supplies to the camp, or to confiscate these common items necessary for survival.

“The police have now announced they will be blocking food and medical supplies from reaching the protest camp and have ordered them to disperse by December 4th. Tribal leaders have rejected the evacuation order and will not back down,” says Taylor.

Two legions of veterans will “deploy” themselves in a “human shield” to protect the innocent protesters from the brutal attacks of the militarized police force.A spokesperson for the veterans also comments of the lack of media coverage that would be expected.

“We want to offer them a moment of peace and, if we can, take a little bit of pressure off,” said veterans spokesperson Ashleigh Jennifer Parker. People are being brutalized; concussion grenades are being thrown into crowds. They’re spraying people, even old women, and other elders of the tribe with tear gas and pepper spray and all of this is just unconstitutional. I can’t believe the media hasn’t taken more of an interest in this.”

If you’d like to donate to the veterans at Standing Rock, you may do so here.


This veteran says he walked 200 miles to get to Standing Rock. Here’s his story:


We are proud of the veterans that are standing directly against the police force that has been assaulting these peaceful protesters for too long.  We hope this will help gain media attention and that it will also lead to the police officers, and those who ordered them to assault people, being held accountable for their inhuman crimes.


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