No Fracking Way. The story of Britain’s and Australia’s Fracking War.

First few minutes gives a run down on UK Column by Mike Robinson.  Mainstream media is facing financial ruin.  The mainstream is accusing the alternative media of fake news.  The pot is calling the kettle black.

Three years since Fracking Nightmare started.  October 2013.  Fracking in the UK has not started.  There are a lot of people out there working to stop it.  Crane gives tribute to the thousands of people of working to that end.

Friends Of The Earth doing well.  Greenpeace is infiltrated.

Standing Rock details.  The climbdown came on the day that the thousands of protesters were meant to be removed by government agencies.  The campaign is not over, but it is a truly remarkable victory.  It’s a battle won not the end of the war.  Unexpected.  There’s been highlighting of the injuries of many protesters.  Sonic crowd control.  Pepper sprays.  Concussion grenades.

Merging of policing and militaries.  Not pleasant to see the results.  The British establishment used military personnel disguised as Police in the Miners Strike around Orgreave and Nottinghamshire. Sheer numbers made a big difference in North Dakota.   6000 protectors were swelled by 2000 military veterans, in most cases with overseas military experience.  It had the look of something ugly – possible fullscale civil war.  Mail Online has different editorial team to the print version.  Mail Online was first to report US government decision to back off.

Campaigns were also run at financial organisations Wells fargo.  In the UK Barclays is getting the treatment with an anti-fracking campaign, as it finances 97% of Yorkshire fracking proposal company.  Power of the community – creativity, initiative, numbers.  The oil companies don’t know how to deal with it.  Bentley, a place in Norther Ireland and snow Standing Rock shows community power working.  UK government is tooling up with the same ‘toys’ being used in the US to attack the public.

Frackers are targeting safest Tory seats for their first fracking areas.  (TAP – Dudleston and Owen Paterson a case in point).

Five years since the earthquakes hit Blackpool.  April 1st 2011.

BBC says a small earth temor was felt.  Several people called Police saying their houses were shaking.  Cuadrilla continued to frack.  They had fracked into a fault as they were using outdated geological data.  They caused 50 tremors in Blackpool but we are not going to stop, said Cuadrilla Chair Lord John Browne.  CEO Francis Egan.  It was reported as being ‘highly probable’ that the fracking caused the earn tremors.  Cuadrilla technical director had an attack of honesty. ‘Very little of the frack water returns to the surface.  No one knows where the final resting place is.’  How does so-called ‘robust regulation’ impact on this.  The aquifers all connect with each other underground.

Pumping millions of gallons underground is an act of destruction of Britain’s water supplies.

Charles Hendry, Minister wrote to Lord John Browne (also David Cameron’s energy adviser) requesting an improvement by Cuadrilla.  Interesting letter.  No reply.  Hendry was sacked.  Replaced by John Heyes, who had nothing to do with energy, and no knowledge.  (TAP – I know John Heyes – a key eurosceptic, and anti-Portillo campaigner, who helped save the country from a Portillo premiership, and alliance between Blair and Portillo as party leaders of Labour and Conservative).

How the film Voices From The Gasfields was made in Southern Queensland.  SQ is about the size of the UK with less than 1% of population.  Just as the moratorium against fracking in the UK was lifted.   Crane met with Francis Egan, who knows there are problems.  No one from within the industry will ever admit there’s problems.  Tour called ‘Fracktured Future’ by Crane went out.  See on Youtube.  Chapter and verse on Fracking, targeting middle England.

Then Balcombe was targeted by Cuadrilla.  Caught by surprise on day one of test drill.  Second day people came out.  It continued day after day.  First time British Police had to deal with ongoing protest.   Video of the Police at work, people linking arms surrounded by massed ranks of Police.  Police representing the corporate interest.  Corporate enforcement officers.  Police acting beyond authority.  In Poland Police didn’t get involved, simply keep the peace.  At Balcombe the Police got out of hand, not the public, snatch arrests.  Police send in tooled up officers, despite the demonstration being peaceful.  Drillers ran out of time and camp ended.

Front line moves to Barton Moss.  Details.  Gale Force winds came in and smashed the organic loos!  Numbers grew as local community got the message of what was going on.  Ann Power interviewed.  Campaigners are often much older, with young people less often represented.  50 plus is the key age group.  Retirees with professional backgrounds.  The Police don’t want to arrest them, or hurt them.  The young would notice.  Anti-fracking groups dominate social media.  They can only shut down social media, as so much of the economy today depend on social media.  This gives the anti-frackers a massive advantage.  Why don’t they go home?  They want to play it out.  I Gas will not be returning to Barton Moss.  The access road is a footpath, and pedestrians can’t be arrested.

Crawberry Hill.  24 retirees blocked the access, and Raitlin withdrew.  Never let anyone say ‘Oh what can you do?’  Raitlin tried to serve papers on Ian Crane but couldn’t track him down.

West Newton – not quite so clean an ending.  Many other camps around the country.  Wherever the pre-emptive camps have been, the developers have decided to with draw.  Upton.  Forcibly evicted.  Then I Gas withdrew a week later.  Camps raise awareness in their respective communities.  M6/A57 junction is an ongoing camp. W…..  Dudleston.   I Gas pulled out.   Borras.  Been a very effective camp.  Swanage – developer withdrew and left fracking altogether.  Cold Harbour.  Europa threatening to drill.  Local community resisting.  Last five weeks people coming in from all round the region.  Surrey CC rejected application.  Central government overrode the Council.  Dorking High Street will be truck route.  Video of route to Heavy Metal ‘No Fracking Way’ – best musical for the campaign yet heard.  Cold Harbour being used as a precedent.  If they can frack here, they can frack anywhere.  An area of outstanding natural beauty.  Resistance growing.  As at Horse Hill.  Leith Hill.  It’s spurred people into action by targeting these areas of natural beauty.  Before that in the South East the lack of community spirit has been a problem.  Now by attacking areas of outstanding natural beauty has alerted the population.

‘properly regulated’ is meaningless.  The chemicals will disappear underground.  Water is at threat.  People are realising now.  Visit the camps.  Go to Cold Harbour.

Australia –  Voices From The Gasfields.  Editing costs were crowd funded.  British Government won’t acknowledge the film.  On Youtube.  Being screened all around the country.

Ineos – two yachts.  Three jets.  How many houses?  David Ratcliffe the boss.  Sociopathic.

Trump –  pro-fracking.  Oil at $45/50 effectively blocks the unconventional oil and gas industry.

I-Gas – struggling to stay afloat.



Institutions not buying.  Old folks investing savings.  The mug punter.  Watch Wall Street movie to see what rubbish these shares really are.

Tina Louise in Preston.  Search.   Lady being sued by Cuadrilla to stop her campaigning.  People are inspired by people like her.  She’s working on an interesting strategy.  In court on Friday.

Could 2017 see the end of this industry?  Take this campaigning style to address other issues.  The power of community sends the Establishment running.  Every street needs its own anti-fracking community.  Britain is a corporatocracy.  Based on fraud.  People are awakening to the fact everything is based on fraud.  The establishment depends on people being divided.  Join together and we are enormously powerful against the corporations.  Passion overcomes payroll.


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