Welcome to Islamic State/ Germany. Der Freitag Politik: “We Refugees are Fed up with You Angry Germans and Do not Want to Live in the Same Country as You. You Should Leave the Country”!!! And They Do!

Welcome to Islamic State/ Germany
Sputnik 2 Nov. 2016


This provocative video was originally published for American consumption, and aimed primarily at undecided voters in the swing states of Nevada, North Carolina and Florida. It facetiously talks about ‘the infiltration of refugees’, which “has allowed our brave jihadi fighters to conquer, conform and convert Germany, extending our caliphate.”

Today, the voiceover says, radicals are free to “enjoy everything Germany has to offer,” from pleasant hikes in the Black Forest, to a pork- and alcohol-free Oktoberfest, to famous German cathedrals converted into Islamic star-and-crescent topped mosques. The video concludes by inviting Islamist extremists to ‘experience a new culture of Islam’ against the background of a Daesh livery jetliner.

This is the consequence of a system allowing everything – except for the last sin (Bishop Williamson): being a Nazi denying holocaust. You can deny Jesus Christ – even Allah – unpunished – but never ever the NWO religion: Holocaust´s postulated 6 mio. Jewish victims, bringing all the world into a debt to the Zionists which can never be atoned – although the 6 mio. are impossible and a fictive figure used by Zionists already from about 1900 A.D. to blackmail us. 

Comment:  This matter becomes even more grotesque through the fact that Hitler was a Jew and here – probably a Rothschild and here – as well as that the forces who wanted the Holocaust were Hitler’s bosom friends, the Zionists, who acted according to Theodor Herzl’s strategy: Persecute the Jews and torment them so that they flee to Israel!


Though being the King of orthodox Jews, the orthodox Gog/Magog planners, Jewish Vladimir Putin “cannot understand the reason for Europe´s immigration suicide” – although the masterminds are his fellow tribesmen, the Zionists,  who are to bring about this prophecy besides  total chaos by mass immigration (“Chao ab Ordo – Ordo ab Chao” – as the Jewish Illuminati and Putin´s masters from the London City think).


Indeed, Mason Putin is clever enough to understand this game.

The below is from The Daily Mail 2 Nov. 2016: “Pictures show a mass brawl as migrants attacked each other with sticks next to an encampment in Paris
Gangs of men wielding makeshift clubs are seen squaring up for a street battle in the Stalingrad district
Comes days after authorities destroyed Calais Jungle and hours after riot police helped clear a Paris camp.”

Sputnik 26 Oct. 2016: Russian observers have said that events appear to be degenerating into an unfortunate situation where “Germans are being turned into strangers in their own country, with no improvement to the situation anywhere in sight…The sad irony is that disenchanted Germans are being forced to leave the country because Merkel does not want to leave office. Immigrants from Germany feel a sense of hopelessness, seeing how the government destroys its own country and its history with its suicidal immigration policy.”

New Germany


According to calculations by Die Welt, over 1.5 million Germans, many of them well-educated specialists, have left the country over the last decade, with the outflow accelerating with the refugee crisis facilitated by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open door immigration policy.

Meanwhile, experts have indicated that many of the country’s new residents do not have any education to speak of, and that many migrants are not eager to be integrated into German society or the economy, with social conditions making them prone to crime.
A Danish investigation has just shown that ghettos after 30 years  remain slums in spite of billions of investments: Immigrants in unemployment and crime.  (TV2 2 Nov. 2016)
Mass migration is also accelerating the Islamization of Germans.


The cuckoo is a parasite: lays its egg in the nest of a foreign bird and lets it feed the chicken.

Earlier this month, an 18-year-old Syrian refugee caused widespread social discussion after writing an op-ed in a major German weekly, calling on those who don’t agree with the government’s refugee policy to get out of the country. “We refugees are fed up over the angry citizens (Wutbürger),” he wrote. “We refugees…do not want to live in the same country with you. You can, and I think you should, leave Germany. And please take Saxony and Alternative for Germany [AfD] with you.” (Der Freitag Politik 12 Oct. 2016) 

Source: http://new.euro-med.dk/20161103-welcome-to-islamic-state-germany-der-freitag-politik-we-refugees-are-fed-up-with-you-angry-germans-and-do-not-want-to-live-in-the-same-country-as-you-you-should-leave-the-country-and-they.php




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