US economy now one big racketeering operation

Brasscheck notes on the ’16 election:

The Democrats managed to run
a candidate so appalling that even
Donald Trump could beat her.

The big problems – looming financial
apocalypse and the breakdown of
the Rule of Law by “elites” – are not
things Trump is likely to do much about.

We shall see.

His early cabinet considerations are
bad news, but in the silver lining
department Hillary Clinton is not
President-elect and her band of
deplorables are now marked for life
as the scammers they are.

Further good news is that this year, more
than ever, people are waking up to the fact
that the mainstream news media is as despicable
as the politicians and corporations it reports on.

We’ll continue our work  – with many thanks
to everyone whose contributions help us with
the costs involved in doing it. (Next year, 2017,
is our 20th anniversary of online news gathering.)

US economy now one big racketeering operation

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