Trump – Ordo Ab Chao

The strapline of the New World Order is order from chaos.   Create the chaos (chao).   The people beg for order (ordo).  Then a government can remain in power by delivering enough order to satisfy the majority that their needs for order are being met.  But it’s important not to sort out all the chaos, or the people might decide they don’t need government any more.  This method of controlling humanity is also referred to as ‘problem, reaction, solution’ – the Hegelian Dialectic.  Governments manufacture problems.  People react and demand the problems be solved.  Governments then solve the problems they themselves created, all the while assuming more power over the people, in order to do so.

It just occurred to me that Trump’s platform has a lot of ordo/solution content, and he could well be the second half of a well-planned longterm power play, being enacted for the greater centralisation of power into the hands of the very few.  Middle East wars were seemingly heading towards nuclear confrontation with Russia.  Clinton seemed set on creating more chaos as she’d been doing in country after country along with her husband for decades, Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria and so on.  They’d manufactured a  financial crisis by repealing the Glass Seagal Act, and allowing the world to get into massive levels of unnecessary debt, causing an ongoing financial crisis.

Then up comes this guy called Trump, who says he wants the wars to end, the finances to be fixed and the economy to work properly once more.  And everyone  (everyone? – most people anyhow) is praying that he’ll succeed.  He’ll no doubt deliver a certain amount of order, stop nuclear war, partially fix the economy, all the while permitting the State to grab even more of the few remaining freedoms that citizens can enjoy, if not seeing large numbers coralled into camps or jails.

This video casts Trump as the chaos candidate.  He has to provide an element of order to solve the inherited problems, while no doubt creating a lot more chaos for the next President to sort out.



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