Trump must know who the hidden hand is behind everything

Too many people are now aware of how corrupt and biassed the mainstream media is.  Their numbers are declining every day.

Jim Marrs Book – Trillion Dollar Conspiracy.  Great book.

Trump knows who runs the show.  Yet he doesn’t name names.  Is he naive?

Interview from just before the election.

Early on he had support from the bankers, favouritism from the media.  They thought it would define the opponents of the NWO. and then later they could destroy Trump with revelations and bad media, letting Hillary win.  Trump began to speak for the average American, and the NWO decided to get rid of him.

Next hit will be they’ll pull the plug on the economy and they’ll blame it on Trump.

Trump cares about his family.  The number one rule of the game is don’t give away the game.  The people at the very top will kill anyone.

Trump is trying to tell us, as much as he possibly can.

Pence was the worst decision Trump ever made – another NWO stooge.  That appointment puts Trump in the gun sites.

Will Trump actually be in charge?  Or will Pence call the shots?

Trump is a question mark.  Better the question mark of Trump than the certainty of evil from Hillary.

80% for Trump and 20% for Hillary will be reported as 46/43 or so.  Elections have always been rigged.



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