Trump Gay & Alternative Media Love-In

OK TAP, guerrilla posting… I’ve had the BBC R4 PM programme on tonight… usual Clinton is going to win BS. BBC media guru Steve Hewlett comes on to tell of his latest cancer radiation / chemo / conventional treatment…. I’ve sent him Twitter message suggesting Ty Bollinger or Clive de Carle etc… waste of time.

I’m about to watch / listen to a Trump love-in:
Why Political Correctness Must End | Milo Yiannopoulos and Stefan Molyneux

On Rebekah Roth’s BookFace page there was reference to the NYPD FB page and apparently comments pleading with them to release the information on Hillary’s sordid activities… I went there:
.. the first comment I saw:
“Please nypd detectives and brass …. You do such a great job day In and day out will you please Do what the goddamn FBI refuses to do please do your job remember your oath…. foreign and domestic…. Please expose these cancers and traitors… ”
…. and endless comments like that.
Just found this:


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