Trump asks Farage to cancel offshore wind farms next to his golf course in Scotland

The New York Times reported on Monday that Trump told British European Parliament member Nigel Farage, the former head of the right wing anti-immigration UK Independence Party, and other UKIP leaders that they drum up opposition to the kind of offshore wind farms that are proposed for construction near his golf course in Scotland.

They did exactly that.


Andy Wigmore, a media consultant present when Trump spoke to Farage, told The New York Times, “He did not say he hated wind farms as a concept; he just did not like them spoiling the views.”

TAP – the problem with wind farms is not just how they look, and what they kill – birds on an industrial scale.  And the fact that the wind doesn’t blow much when it’s cold.  On peak demand days, wind is useless.  The main problem is ball bearings.  There are no ball bearings available capable of taking the stresses created by massive revolving blades.  They crush and wear, heat up and set the mill on fire.  To avoid this, the ball bearings need replacing frequently.  The cost of this is prohibitive making wind power captured by revolving blades a highly expensive and futile exercise.  Wind technologies that use vibration are far more cost effective which is no doubt why they are not being used.

Trump is using his position as President to further his business interests.  That much is clear enough.   Is that what lies behind his hatred of the media?  They are the only ones who can try to stop him.  The above link explains

The NYT provide no favours for Nigel Farage in this report.  How could he influence the siting of wind farms in Scotland as they are suggesting he is willing and able to do?  It is always diplomatic to say ‘yes’ to requests.  Whether or not you act on the affirmation later on is another matter.

Asked “What’s the difference between a diplomat and a lady?” the reply came:
If a diplomat says, “yes,” he means “Maybe.”
If a diplomat says, “Maybe,” he means “No.”
If a diplomat says, “No,” he’s no diplomat.

But on the other hand,
If a lady says, “No,” she means “Maybe.”
If a lady says, “Maybe,” she means “Yes.”
If a lady says, “Yes,” she’s no lady.


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