This Is A Monster That Must Be Killed

Rebekah Roth, the woman Mike Adams and Jim Fetzer warn us away from, is writing her next book and actively supporting Donald Trump on BookFace. This is her latest YouTube commentary…

Rebekah Roth ~ WikiLeaks ~ Clinton Foundation ~ Satanic Paedophiles

Rebekah has chatted with Steve Pieczenik.
The Wikileaks e-mails come from inside government whistle blowers. Not Russia!

A recap…
E-mails found on Anthoy Weiner’s electronic devices. His ex wide Huma Abedin worked for Hillary Clinton since she was a 19 year old intern. Born in Michigan, moved to Saudi Arabia with her parents aged 2. Returned to USA to attend college. She’s is Wahhabi Sunni Muslim. Her parents are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, which has an Israeli connection.
Jewish Weiner was a frequent guest congressman on Fox News, CNN… as a bombastic character he made for good TV.
We’ve been told by the mainstream media over and over again, how Muslims hate Jews.
All of the intelligence agencies work together, they scratch each others backs so to speak… rogue mercenary types have broken off from the CIA to form e.g. Blackwater, Academi, XE Services, Erik Prinz started those…
…. they have gone on to train and fund ISIS.

Weiner caught sexting to underage 15 year old girl. It gets worse, to the point we direct you to other other shows for greater detail:
Special Hagmann Report: The Clinton-Occult Connection 11/4/16:

On of Weiner’s aliases is ‘Carlos Danger’. NYPD find 650,000 e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s computer including those from her Secretary of State years; to cover her e-mails being discovered by e.g. any FOI (Freedom Of Information) acts.
In one e-mail she asked why she was using such a server, she replies ‘so she won’t get caught’.

Rebekah Roth has been analysing nearly a terabyte of mega data in her 9/11 research. Without the Wikileaks releases, Hillary’s e-mail would not ever have been accessible via FOI.

The information found by the NYPD included e-mails on the Clinton Foundation, photos and videos of girls as young as 5 in sexual positions with Hillary, Bill, Huma, Jeffery Epstein, 2 dozen top ranking political congressmen, senators, judges, mainstream media power hitters from both parties.
Billionaire Epstein was convicted, but served a very light sentence, just like Weiner.
They found connections to child sex trafficking, paedophilia, pornography and Satan occult worshipping.

I’m not a fan of listening to Alex Jones, I don’t like his voice and he interrupts his guests, but he’s had on Steve Pieczenik and Doug Haggman. I know Doug personally and vouch for him. He has his own contacts within the NYPD and FBI.
Insider: Clintons Caught Conducting Voodoo Marina and Spirit Cooking:

This is not a rumour – it is a matter of time before arrests are made and indictments are coming involving Hillary, Bill, Huma, Weiner, 2 dozen political figures, 6 of the ‘Gang of 8’….
…. involved on trips on the Lolita Express, Epstein’s 737 to ‘orgy island’, where they had underage children (girls and boys) as sex slaves…. including involvement of leaders from all around the world.

The e-mails include those from President Obama.

This is so huge and difficult to talk about. ıf you spent thousands of hours examining these e-mails you would learn a great deal…

Years ago I read By Way Of deception by Victor Ostrovsky:
…. he explained how Mossad had taken over Washington DC; they would photo, video young senator and congressmen and blackmail them with sexually compromising situations, often drugged.

You will get to see this material. I understand some of the material has to be doctored, blacked out, so we are not sharing pornography. There are those who would still vote for Hillary Clinton if she murdered a child and then ate it – and I’m here to tell you might see a video of her doing just that.

If you put her in the White House then shame on you. Donald Trump talks of draining the swamp. I don’t think he had any idea what the swamp looked like… it’s doing things with children sexually, murdering them and eating their bodies. Alex Jones is not my fave, but he’s laying it out there.
They were using Haiti to funnel children to Epstein’s island. May be, just may be, Chelsea Clinton was not aware of the whole situation.

Apparently the NYPD has given notice to the FBI to make make arrests, indictments and make public the situation. The Justice Department is fighting the FBI at every turn. Voter fraud has been proven over and over again. Follow Trump’s record breaking crowds. An Anonymous poll gives Trump 74% and Clinton 9%. Why is the media lying? Because that’s the woman they want!

Wikileaks is a publishing outlet – they are not hackers. Trump is accused of everything Clinton is doing.

Are you going to stand proudly by your flag singing the national anthem for your President when she has eaten children after having sex with them?
Because of the internet we are taking control of the information highway – it’s no longer under the control of 6 families. If you turn on CNN, Fox News, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, look at that TV screen and you will see people covering up sexual abuse of young children. Be prepared because the video and photos are going to come out. Please do not vote to put a paedophile and a satanic occult horrific monster into our White House. As a parent and a grandparent you need to be mentally prepared. This s a monster that must be killed. How the hell could anyone vote for Hillary Clinton? ıf she steals the election you better be prepared to take your country back. The same people that are supporting Hillary Clinton, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Israel are also supporting and funding ISIS… they’ve come out and said Al Qaeda are going to attack 3 major cities in the USA on Monday. We also saw the Benenson Strategy Group layout how to keep trump supporters away from the polling station?
Updated: Leaked Document Recommends False Flag Alien Invasion to Save Clinton Campaign:

This evil cabal are the same people that planned 9/11 and are pushing Hillary Clinton. The CIA are planning to do something to its own people in its own country. The guy they claimed was Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is really John McCain’s contact and Mossad agent Elliot Simon.


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