Theatres no longer safe space. Actors bully audiences with their political views.

TAP – I was shocked at a pantomime in Shrewsbury last year when the dame started taking pot shots at Nigel Farage.   Cumbernauld lectured the audience at the end of his Hamlet about Syrian refugees.  It was ugly, and biassed.  Those are the little pieces of theatrical political bullying that I’ve witnessed in the last year.  It’s just the tip of the iceberg.  The theatre is no longer safe space.  Why bother going?


Priests are joining in.  Churches are no longer safe space.

Stunned veterans are said to have left a Remembrance Day service in disgust at a vicar who used her sermon to preach about Donald Trump and Brexit.


BROADWAY BULLIES: ‘Safe space’ liberal actors target theater GUESTS for mass humiliation in the name of ‘tolerance’


(NaturalNews) By now, you’ve probably heard about the cast of the Broadway theatrical production “Hamilton” singling out audience member Mike Pence and lecturing him on “inclusiveness” and “tolerance.”

The “Broadway bullying” violated a pillar of the arts, which is that your audience members are your guests, not your whipping boys or political targets. In lecturing Mike Pence from the stage, in front of all the audience members, the cast of Hamilton treated the theater like a captive hunting preserve where the audience members exist only to be targeted for humiliation or condemnation by the “superiorist” cast, full of arrogance and self-congratulation.

This is the same racist theatrical production that announced Whites need not apply for casting calls, because only “colored people” were going to be given the roles anyway.

The hypocrisy of all this, coming from the same delusional liberals who demand “safe spaces” for their fragile minds, is too juicy to ignore. Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro nailed it with this response, condemning the Hamilton production of “reverse racism” rooted in intolerance and hatred. Watch it here:

As you might expect, the backlash against the racist, intolerant and “crybully” Hamilton production just keeps growing. Even E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt called for the Hamilton cast to apologize to Mike Pence for violating the safe space of being a theater guest and targeting him from the stage for public condemnation and ridicule.

Do these disconnected liberals really have no idea how utterly intolerant, racist and hateful they are?

The Hamilton production just demonstrated how crybullies operate: They condemn everyone who disagrees with their delusional political views as “bigoted” while calling themselves “inclusive.” Then, from the bully pulpit of “inclusiveness,” they target guests who hold political views they don’t like, singling them out for public humiliation, all while smugly claiming they alone have a monopoly on “tolerance.”

The insanity of it all is only making conservatives more steadfast in their opposition to liberal lunacy, by the way, as it’s driving home the obvious fact that crybully leftists are the new bigots in America. Yes, the cast of Hamilton is made up of a bunch of racist, intolerant bigots who are so closed-minded, they can’t even stand to see a political opponent take a seat and attempt to politely enjoy the arts. No enjoyment of the theater is allowed for you, Vice President Pence, because liberals are too angry to read their lines without flinging some condemnation in your direction just because they lost an election.

This is why America just rejected the total lunacy and bigotry of the intolerant left

Note to the left: This is why America rejects you. Your behavior is so delusional and self-contradictory that it borders on mental illness. If you really want to see a racist, intolerant bigot, LOOK IN THE MIRROR.

Stop wagging your finger at everyone else when it’s YOU who can’t tolerate any real diversity at all.

Even the New York Post took aim at the lunacy of the Hamilton fiasco, saying:

In Sunday’s Post, Michael Goodwin asked liberals to consider that they might be “ignorant” about the lives of Trump voters — that they wrongly “swallowed, hook, line and sinker” the “caricature of them the Democratic Party and the national liberal media created.”

Liberals dominate the national media (and most local media, too) — as well as Hollywood, Broadway and Silicon Valley. Red America has no choice but to listen to Blue America all the time.

And, sorry, it’s Blue America that routinely screams “shut up” to voices it doesn’t want to hear. That’s the essence of political correctness, and not just on campus: Recall, for example, the PC condemnation of the incredibly sensitive and nuanced “red” film, “American Sniper.”

When you can’t understand how your fellow Americans could make “that man” our next president, maybe it’s time you stopped assuming it hasn’t heard you, and started listening yourselves.


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  1. NPP says:

    There is a term for these nit-wits:
    Social Justice Warriors….
    Benedict Cumberbatch SBC

    How I would have loved to been in the audience that night…
    Drain The BBC Swamp!

    Enjoy it TAP! We are watching political correctness and Social Justice Warriors crying, wailing and wandering round in a daze. It’s sheer entertainment.

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