The war on reality. How globalists occupy your mind.

Why the “fake news” mainstream media is such a danger to America

The danger of the left-wing fake news system is that fake news becomes a system of fake beliefs in the minds of the populace, and those fake beliefs turn into REAL action such as Black Lives Matter protests, racial animosity, death threats against Donald Trump and the beatings of innocent white people simply because their skin is white. It is the fake news “mainstream media” system in America today that has given rise to division, disunity, violence and distrust.

The fake news institutions of America, in other words — CNN, NYT, WashPost, etc. — are tearing America apart at the seams.

Would you be surprised if I told you that was their mission from the very start? It’s all by design, my friends, because the real war being waged right now is the war against your mind.

Watch my mini-documentary to understand more: The War on Reality, shown below. And if you’re ready to be awakened with REAL news, read and We are the new media that TRIES to tell the truth in every story. While we aren’t perfect in our accuracy, we never deliberately lie to our readers like the mainstream media does every day, on purpose.

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