The truth about the Dakota pipeline

On this day where we supposedly give
thanks for the Native Americans who
saved the Pilgrims from freezing and
starving to death…

Let’s get some things straight about
the Dakota pipeline:

1. The entire project is based on
fraudulent permitting and Obama can
shut it down with the stroke of a pen.

2. This pipeline was deemed “too dangerous”
to run nearby Bismarck so it was moved
to this area where it threatens the only
fresh water supply in the region.

3. The entire Missouri River is put at
risk by this poorly conceived project.

4. This pipeline is only economically
possible because the 40+ year LAW forbidding
the export of oil from the US was recently

5. We are trading the future of our fresh
water supply for the chance for a few billionaires
to make a killing by exporting US energy reserves
that we should be retaining for ourselves.

Please share this widely so your friends, family
and colleagues understand what’s at stake
and support the heroic effort thousands are making
to stop it.

Trump has $2 million invested in the pipeline.  This could well damage his Presidency.  Is he a totalitarian corporate greed merchant?



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