The real news can be found in one liners on social media

Brian Gerrish – Flash. Just heard EU forming their military at this moment. UK still in and will therefore lose control our military and get £420m bill.

Andrew Neil – Mutlilateral free trade deals died tonight, post Trump remarks. We return to world of bilateral deals. None of this known during referendum.

Andrew Neil –  Trump says he wants to move to bilateral trade deals. London will be listening

Andrew Neil –     As peripheral Eurozone bond yields spike, all eyes now on Italian constitutional referendum. Dec 4th. Possible next big crisis.

Brain Gerrish

  1.  Wars – stealing of property, homes, businesses, children, elderly parents – none of this could happen without corruption of our laws and courts.


2.  May Cameron Fallon destroying nation’s defences from within – calculated treason to help build EU military & treasury – what #brexit?


3.  British Constitution Group Winchester circa 500 people all awake to the political attack on UK society families individuals & ready to act




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