The Podesta Brothers Revealed to be in Portugal the Day of Madeleine McCann’s Disappearance

21 Nov 2016 by Ryan Cristian


When the idea was first floated that there was a massive pedophile ring at highest levels of power, it was almost unanimously rejected by mainstream media and the people alike. No one wanted to believe such a deviant and degenerate collective could exist in the modern world, let alone the United States. Yet, as more was revealed through WikiLeaks and the tireless research by the alternative community, the true sinister depths to which this story goes began to materialize.

As was briefly covered in last weeks TLAV Political Round Table, this has moved past conjecture and into the realm of near certainty. The WikiLeaks emails paint a very clear picture, and of the millions of documents released by the organization since its inception, not a single one has yet to be proven incorrect or falsified. Taking that into consideration with the new revelations, it becomes clear that there is a coverup taking place that goes all the way to the top.

In a recent video by SGT Report, and thanks to Victurus Libertas, some groundbreaking information has just come to light that specifically implicates John Podesta, Clinton’s former campaign chair, and his brother Tony. Police sketches of two suspects believed to be involved in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, that took place in Portugal on May 3rd, 2007, have made their way around the Internet recently, and they depict what appears to be a drawing of the Podesta brothers, but at the time, could not be further substantiated… until now.


If it was to be proven that the Podesta brothers were in fact in Portugal at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance, that would solidify this theory to the point where it could no longer be ignored.



According to information online:

Madeleine Beth McCann (born 12 May 2003) disappeared on the evening of 3 May 2007 from her bed in a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, a resort in the Algarve region of Portugal, sparking what one newspaper called “the most heavily reported missing-person case in modern history.” Her whereabouts remain unknown.

Madeleine was on holiday from the UK with her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, her younger twin siblings, and a group of family friends and their children. She and the twins had been left asleep at 20:30 in the ground-floor apartment, while the McCanns and friends dined in a restaurant 50 metres (160 ft) away. The parents checked on the children throughout the evening, until Madeleine’s mother discovered she was missing at 22:00.

According to Victurus Libertas:

Confirmed FBI Anon Information

One of our FBI insiders can confirmed the Intelligence community  indicates John and Tony Podesta were in Praia da Luz,  Portugal on May 3rd 2007– the day Madeleine McCann vanished.

The Podesta brothers were staying with a friend named “Clem.” Clement Freud, the grandson of psychopathology sex expert Dr. Sigmund Freud, who was known to be a pedophile. This is a quote from our insider:  Of greater interest is that fact that Freud owned a villa in Praia da Luz.”

It was then revealed that Clement Freud’s villa in which the Podesta Brothers were staying, was in fact only a third of a mile from the exact location from which Madeleine was taken:

Clement Freud’s Praia da Luz Mansion


This is the $1 million mansion belonging to Clement Freud, that sits only 1/3 of a mile from where Madeleine was abducted. While searching for their daughter, the McCann’s were invited to this house many times by Freud, claiming it would get them out of the glaring media.

At one of their visits to the mansion, Mrs. McCann has been quoted as saying:

He gave me one of his looks and a giant glass of brandy, and managed to get a smile out of me with his greeting: ‘So Kate, which of the devout Catholic, alcoholic, depressed, nymphomaniac parts is correct?’ “

Police in Suffolk have confirmed the now-known Pedaphile, Clement Freud, was out of the country when Madeleine was abducted. However, his home had been loaned to friends of his-  John and Tony Podesta.


Freud’s Kidnappings and Molestations

Freud’s mansion’s location to where Madeleine was abducted is shown on the map above.

Later, at least 3 women began coming out with stories of Freud abusing them.  The women Freud molested have horrific stories of physical molestation beginning when they were just 10, 11 and 14 years old.

One of Freud’s victims, Vicky Hayes, has claimed Freud groomed her from the age of 14 and at the age of 17, he violently raped her.  She said he plied her with champagne and took her virginity. Mrs Hayes gave her horrific account to a local news station, where she recalled being “paralyzed with fear” when the manipulative abuser raped her, then callously advised her to “ring me” if she found out she was pregnant.

She was very alarmed when she realized Freud’s connection to the Madeleine case, after she read about it in a book Kate McCann wrote. She reported her concerns to her local police force in Suffolk, and her son wrote to the Metropolitan Police to pass on his mother’s account and concerns over Freud’s connection to the McCann’s. They received no response, according to

One of the women to accuse Freud, Sylvia Woosley- who claims Freud kidnapped and began molesting her at the tender age of 10 years old, said she “would like to just return to the child I was before I was molested  physically”.  Sylvia was later brought up as his daughter and invited into his marital bed alongside his actress wife, Jill. 

Freud later also lured a 14-year-old to his home, got her drunk and molested her in the bathroom, according to one of the women.

A former British ambassador has now revealed he has been approached by several people making further claims of sexual abuse by Clement Freud, amid fears the MP could have sexually abused dozens more children, according to The Independent.

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Just the fact that Freud was a known-pedophile does not directly implicate the Podestas in his reprehensible actions, yet it does speak to the type of people they chose to associate with, especially when considering the separate, yet entirely interconnected, Pizzagate scandal that is clearly connected to such nefarious activities. The fact that the police sketches look almost identical to the Podesta brothers, and that they were both in Portugal the very same day McCann went missing, should be more than enough to warrant an investigation. Unfortunately, the government has made it quite clear the extent to which it will go to protect its insiders, so the alternative media must make sure this gets circulated en mass. A picture also surfaced depicting a card game with a girl who looks strikingly similar to what Madeleine may have looked like in 2013, according to some progressive police sketches:

Age progression M

According to Victurus Libertas:

The picture below is allegedly involving Madeleine Beth McCann, who has been missing from Portugal since that evening on May 3, 2007, only days after her 4th birthday…  with John Podesta, pictured next to the girl.



There is more than enough circumstantial evidence to justify a serious investigation, yet when taking into account all the information being revealed through WikiLeaks, the many different case studies that prove the US not only has a problem, but that its elite knowingly cover it up, and the undeniable connection the Podesta brothers have to the case of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance, there is clearly something going on here.

As it is now up to the people to find the Truth, as the past two years have clearly shown us, The Last American Vagabond will not rest until the Truth is revealed.

Do you see a resemblance at all to either one?

Podestas with sketchesTony Podesta mole

There is even a matching mole on Tony Podesta and the police sketch, as pointed out in the second picture/sketch.




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  1. UglyTruth says:

    Also Podestas emails on WikiLeaks are dated from the day after Madeleine disappeared, and Podesta’s emails implicate him in a paedophile ring.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I wonder if the linking of the Podestas with the McCann episode is a distraction strategy. There is plenty enough evidence of actual involvement in child rape torture and murder. This is clever media play sending the whole thing into the realm of the unlikely. This gives them something they can easily deny and maybe prove to be incorrect. The emails are impossible to deny.

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