The demise of empire. How empires are created and destroyed.

People become lulled into a state of lethargy by TV and entertainment, while the wealth of the population is grabbed by those who know what they are doing.  This video makes it sound like the decline of empires is all simply a natural and inevitable process.  My belief is that, in fact, the events are coordinated and manipulated by those at the very top level of the pyramid, who disappear with the loot while the masses descend into the abyss.  Rome’s wealth disappeared into Helvetia, modern Switzerland.  It’s all happening all over again.  This video makes it sound like it’s all the fault of the people. Poverty of millions is all that is ever intended by the super elite.   Without such a system, they wouldn’t survive as the super elite.  Empire growth and destruction is one of their primary devices of power-maintenance.  Trump’s claim to be making America great again, should be seen in this context.



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