3 Responses to “The back story on OPEC and the politics of Israel and Middle Eastern oil”

  1. NPP says:

    TAP! Without going any further than watching that – where did you get it? Lovely stuff… been a bit cautious of Perkins; he strikes me as being a carbon cultist, but this is wonderful footage.

    What a lovely back story on Saddam.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Sent in by a friend on fb. He finds some very good stuff all he time. He’s a big Corbyn supporter – about that aspect I’m not too certain. A Labour activist.

    • NPP says:

      Corbyn’s a Gooner and his brother is Piers. Ha ha, good credentials!

      Excellent footage of Perkins. Interesting man. Not to be confused with Gerald Celente’s mentor the self defense expert:
      Zeke Antony West, John Eygypt ‘expert’ Antony West’s son, works for Celente…. Laird Scranton & son told me at Megalith Marlbrough conference.

      I had a robust discussion with the Scranton’s because I suggested Clinton and climate change was bollocks… they thought Trump attracted KKK etc… how do such interesting and clever people then make such apparently inaccurate observation? It made me wonder about his entire lecture – which was great… may be I’m the silly one? I put a bet on Trump at 5-1couple of weeks ago.

      Oh what fun it all is. I met Maria at the same conference who has witnessed ghosts (Brian Cox frack off!) and told me lovely things about Avebury stone wave energy… they resonate at 18htz., we hear at 20htz or the other way round. What if our ancestors, before our food and technology invaded our senses, could hear stones at that frequency, she asked? Indeed. Lovely thought.

      Fenerbahçe beat Man Utd…. my Turkish friend thinks this is great. I’ve been following the Gooners in Champions League every year since c.1997 and he’s glad for a win in €U 2 League.

      It’s all relative to a glass of wine.

      Celente: Think for yourself!

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