The awakening of humanity must accelerate

The evidence of recent events (Brexit, Trump et al) fits well with the theory that the power parasites are falling out with each other, rather than Trump intends to do a JFK and win against the Satanic Cult. More likely he’s a part of it.

Britain is clearly locked into Rothschild dynastic control, and Brexit is an attempt to break with that, not just the EU.  Clinton is a Rothschild/Soros player, and they desperately want her to overturn the election result, and stop Trump.

Murdoch/Trump/Rockefeller are in the process of challenging the Rothschild dynasty’s hold on power, effectively the last dynasty of the two thousand year old Roman Empire. Britain/The Rothschilds clearly want America sent to the dogs, a war with Russia as soon as possible, and a war with China. Trump is saying ‘not so fast’. He doesn’t want his Empire (the USA) sent to the dogs. He wants more of the gravy for himself and his family. The (relatively) nouveau riche are falling out with the established riche, and are refusing to become their sacrificial victims.

Without a war the Rothschild power system can’t get all of everything as it usually does. They’re going to have to share the glories of power for the first time in millennia, and they don’t like it. One World Government is being put on hold, while a multipolar world does its best to come into being. Let’s hope it’s in time and effective. But don’t be naive. Trump is no JFK. Putin too wants his cut. This will not be democratic. It will be a carve up of totalitarian power – privilege for the very few.  But a multipolar world will permit many more of humanity to survive, while the OWG would thin our numbers down much faster.


The hope is that the culture of subservience to Satanic power of the last two thousand years, which Trump is hopefully abandoning, will give way to a general change with people starting to stand up for themselves. Not just Donald Trump. Farage. But millions of us. All of us.  The world of deference must end.  Never again must the Satanic Cult be allowed to control an ignorant mass of humanity.  The internet is here.  We are finding out who these entities are, and how they operate.  They are desperately trying to turn around Brexit (threatening a return of Blair), to stop Trump (re-rigging the election for Clinton) and put war back at the top of the agenda.  The awakening of humanity must accelerate from here, if we are to make the most of the chance we now have to escape the bondage imposed on us for millennia.  Farage says he fears for his life, but is not holding back from the fight.  The next few months will be crucial.  People are awakening, but they need to do so faster than before.  The Satanists are trying to reset the trap.


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