Russia to ask Trump for permission to carry on bombing Syria

TWO DAYS AGO – Thanks for the updates especially about the war graves

desecration, for that is what it is. No doubt the Indonesians could not give a rodential

derriere (I think he means a rat’s ass) given the long history of animosity, albeit now

dates, between Brits and them.

I have to say the photo of you and Jeff is good. You surely look a bit like Harrison

Ford there in that light!!!

On the Russian front – the BEAR Tu-95 fleet seems active again and our monitors in

Holland and the UK logged them between 0740 Zulu and 0820 Zulu today. Location is



As regards your question about Brits and Bennies. I recall once using Benzedrine

during my British Army service. Obviously, it was under orders and the MO

administered the tablets to us prior to leaving the base. This was in Aden circa 1967

but the month is vague – I believe June. He told us to adhere to the dosage and not to

exceed it under any circumstances. The reason was that we were involved in an

operation in the hills of which Aden seems to be full. We had to be awake and alert for

about 3 days. We were told to go straight to bed on completion of the job – but being

squaddies, had a couple of cold beers first. (So what if it was 0930! Even known a

squaddie to refuse a beer!) Worst mistake I ever made, and also the only time I was

ever instructed to take any stimulants. I do not know from experience that the Army has

a big antidrug policy and never felt the need myself. A beer or three now, that was a

different story! All best, MARCONI

YESTERDAY – Not a long list but one can read from this a couple things, such as the

locations of the call signs and the text of messages. Weather warning in the Ionian Sea

collective is intended for Russian naval units now in the Mediterranean Sea and one

wonders why they need Ionian Sea forecasts if they are not heading there. Ionian Sea,

if memory serves, surrounds Corfu. Are they heading there? If so, why? Greece is

well known to be favorable to the Russians at present from previous Intel. (NB strong

left wing government in power in Greece right now. Will Russia help with the Greek

financial problems? Answers on a post card please!) Turkish weather warning could be

a hint that the naval units supporting Russian ground forces mentioned in the previous

posting I sent. Would be a real first if they supported the US Special Forces mentioned

in the same posting. Donuzlav is the survey vessel mentioned in postings dated

18/11/16 and 10/11/16. MB 31 is the call sign of the Solum Class tug which

accompanies the carrier group. As mentioned previously, DE is Morse speak for FROM.

Time and date intercepts were received is 20/11/2016 at 0940 ZULU (UTC). I must

stress all intercepts are from private group sources and is, like all analysis, mine and not

connected to any government or military group with which I am now, have been in the

past, or with which I may in the future be, associated.


RBE86 DE RCV (Weather warning Ionian Sea, collective)

RIP90 DE RCV (Weather warning Turkish waters, collective)

RMCW DE RCV (Donuzlav, Yug Class research/survey ship)

RJC20 T RCV (MB-31, Sorum Class ocean tug)

Very best to you, yours, and Sharkhunters worldwide. MARCONI

THIS MORNING – I know this is a long posting but feel you deserve the full text that is

going the rounds here in the UK. I have a feeling in my water about this one buddy!

Russia to ask Donald Trump for help bombing Syria as air strikes re-launched on war

torn country. Russia is to ask Donald Trump to give it the okay to carry on bombing

Syria. In an exclusive article for the Sunday Mirror, President Vladimir Putin’s London

ambassador says Russia has been trying to persuade US President Barack Obama to

agree to air strikes and Alexander Yakovenko says they will now talk to Trump when he

takes office as Obama’s successor in January hoping for a more sympathetic hearing.

He writes:

“Use of the Air Force in Syria is part of a diplomacy backed by force. We have

been trying to coordinate with this US administration. We will continue doing so

with the next one.”

The US and Britain have considered imposing ‘No Fly’ zones above Aleppo to stop the

Russian slaughter on the ground but they have held off for fear of starting World War III.

A three week pause in the Aleppo bombardment came to an end Tuesday as warplanes

screamed in to hit eight of the city’s eastern districts. At least 25 rebel fighters and

civilians were killed on Thursday and on Wednesday, a children’s hospital was attacked.

Russian President Vladimir Putin – the US President Elect held telephone talks with

President Putin last week. The Kremlin revealed Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin had

discussed Syria and agreed that current Russian-US relations were ‘extremely

unsatisfactory’. It has to be borne in mind that Russia sent its Air Force to Syria only on

30 September 2015.

According to our Western interlocutors, it was a critical moment when Damascus

was about to fall to the ISIS onslaught. The foreign terrorist organization, proscribed by

the UN such as ISIS and Nusra are the single most important factors that distorted the

entire setup in Syria. The terrorists are leading the opposition military, including in East

Alepo. Accordingly, if they call the tune on the battlefield, they will do the same in Syria

if they prevail. Our only strategy in Syria is to allow the Syrians to decide for themselves

The Syrian opposition, if it is to be a credible partner in the political process, should

disengage from the terrorists. They are offered places at the table in Geneva.

The open-ended political talks will be aided by the International Syria Support Group, of

which Britain is a member. Use of the Air Force in Syria is part of a diplomacy backed

by force, which is the center point in foreign policy strategies of our Western partners.

We have been trying to coordinate with this US administration. We will continue

doing so with the next one. Already for a month our Air Force hasn’t been attacking

East Aleppo. The Air Force operations resumed to hit terrorist infrastructure in the

provinces of Idlib and Homs. No civilian infrastructure is targeted.

The Russian military does what they can, based on extensive reconnaissance, to

exclude any loss of life among civilians. No lies will undermine our resolve.

Unfortunately, like in Mosul, the terrorists use civilians as human shields in East

Aleppo. They also prevent delivery of humanitarian aid.

While fostering ceasefire at the grass-root level (almost 1,000 villages have already

signed up) our military has been delivering over 30 tons of food, clothes and medicines

weekly. Some of this assistance is now delivered by rail (we helped repair the railway in


The opposition doesn’t offer secular democracy. So far, their alternative seems to

be an end of history rule by fanatics. Whatever the reasons for the dynamics of civil war

in Syria, it is clear that the opposition cannot prevail militarily without outside assistance.

This says a lot. Unlike, say in the English Civil War, people prefer to sit the violence

out in refugee camps abroad. But most of them find refuge in the areas under

government control. Syria is a multi-ethnic and multi religious sophisticated society with

a deeply ingrained business culture.


ON ETERNAL PATROL – We list all the boats lost on this date.

LOST IN 1940

U-104 (Jürst) sunk by HMS RHODODENDRON; all hands lost

LOST IN 1942

U-517 (Hartwig) sunk by 817 Squadron flying off HMS VICTORIOUS

LOST IN 1943

U-538 (Gossler) sunk by HMS FOLEY and HMA CRANE; all hands lost

“I am sure all wear the same uniform being now at rest.”


Russian President Putin says Trump confirmed willing to mend ties

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday U.S. President-elect Donald Trump confirmed to him he was willing to mend ties, though he also said he would welcome President Barack Obama in Russia.

“The President-elect confirmed he is willing to normalize Russian-American relations. I told him the same. We did not discuss where and when we would meet”

Putin also told a news conference in Lima after the APEC summit that Russia is ready to freeze oil output at current levels.

Putin said he thanked Obama during Sunday’s meeting in Lima “for the years of joint work”.

“I told him that we would be happy to see him (Obama) in Russia anytime if he wants, can and has desire”, Putin said.

(Reporting by Denis Pinchuk; Editing by Sandra Maler)


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