I know TAP posted some ‘pizza code’ videos. I believe this is a more recent update.
This is horrible… is it true? It seems we must at least find out. The artwork is sick whether authentic or not. This is Drain The Swamp time.

Rebekah Roth ~ PizzaGate is Real ~ with David Seaman

Twitter: #pizzagate
Pedophile Criminal Networks of the World Exposed

David Seaman Twitter:
David Seaman YouTube:


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  1. Tapestry says:

    Mary sent in the second video so we duplicated. No harm.

    • NPP says:

      This morning the BBC are bash bash bashing Trump as the sexist racist blah blah…
      I stopped work to post on BookFace:

      The unabashed BBC bias just goes on and on…
      NO, I do not have time to give a deeper summary or commentary on this. I have work to attend. You explore it or not for yourself. I’m sharing the information. It suggests really unpleasant activity surrounding the Clinton camp and Washington DC involving child violation. It must stop and the BBC must stop side-lining this issue which they do over and over again. This news is spreading regardless of mainstream media black-out. I was prompted to post this after hearing the BBC this morning. There I was painting away when novelist Zoe Heller gives her Letter From America as a Brit living in NYC… so pro-Clinton anti-Trump. I don’t give a fig about left wing or right wing, so save your stupid right wing extremist finger pointing. I do recognise plain BBC politically correct propaganda.

      Copy & paste:
      “As the dust settles after America’s most controversial election campaign, BBC Radio 4 asks five acclaimed writers to give their point of view on where America goes now.
      What lasting impact will Donald Trump have on American politics? Is race an even more toxic issue after 8 years of a black President? And have we reached a point where the United States is too divided to govern?
      In the first programme, the novelist Zoe Heller will give her perspective as a Brit living in New York.

      This was followed by Woman’s Hour and further slanted commentary setting out the stall for Clinton over and above Trump…
      “so and so is a Republican, but not a Trump supporter…”

      Well ladies and gentlemen, get your head around this… because we are getting zero reporting on PIZZAGATE on the BBC. You can be sure, the BBC have been pushing the ‘fake & false’ news agenda to slur stories such as #pizzagate as unreliable news. .

      … I then posted the info posted here.

      It is so clear they want Hillary, anyone but Trump. I never watched The Apprentice or thought much about Trump, but I think he had an epiphany. May be he’s just another Tony Blair/Obomba, we’ll see… it sure is interesting.

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