Parasites running for safety by election day

From BookFace:
“Don’t know if anybody else caught this but the travel plans for Secretary of State John Kerry are that he will be at the South Pole on election day November 8th, the extraordinarily unusual venue has many wondering if this portends an unusual event in the U.S. or some sort of False Flag that will take place to disrupt the election, or simply with the election over the F.B.I. and other Law Enforcement Agencies will have a free hand in making arrests right after the election, right now I also suspect that the alleged soft coup touted by Dr. Steve Pieczenik is a diversion to allow elites time to leave the U.S…”


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  1. Gordon says:

    Quite possibly, but I’m more inclined towards an American alien disclosure event close to, or shortly after, Inauguration Day.

    Take your pick from any one of the following.

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