4 Responses to “Only paedophile politicians could do this”

  1. NPP says:

    The mind boggles…. the public actually vote for such a person?! What kind of sex education do you set out for a 2 year old for God’s sake?

    Was it here TAP? I saw ‘Nippy’ slated Trump and the comments underneath slated her for doing so….

    Perhaps welcome such headlines, for the more they push this stuff the more the public may turn away.
    I do wonder if James Comey’s dismissing the 2nd FBI email investigation helped the public vote against her – the public are pissed off, the public have researched information the mainstream do not – the establishment just do not get it. It’s kind of cool; the longer they do not get it, the more time ‘we’ have to galvanise support for stuff that benefits us.
    Brian Gerrish & the UKC will love this headline.

  2. ZarathustraWisdom says:

    Citizens around the world need to disclose the CRIME OF THE CENTURY. See details in this article about child trafficking and satanic rituals http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=56142 Join the world wide citizen investigation.

    • emm jay says:

      I’ve seen this on Dublinsmick website today, my jaw dropped, it’s a relief to see that this is getting out there. If true, this is staggering … ‘crime of the century’ doesn’t even touch the sides … jeez, absolutely staggering.

  3. UglyTruth says:

    They left out the connection between John Podesta and the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann.


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