Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 20th, 2016


Yes, it is Sunday, and again time for my weekly rant…

OK, I for one am very disgusted by what I am watching happening in America right now… It appears that some die hard “liberals” and absolute SORE LOSERS are just going nuts right across that formerly free nation trying to stir up trouble and claiming that their own election and entire electoral system is illegitimate…. Well, I have news for these idiots… Live with it!… You all had your chance to fix the entire electoral system decades ago and absolutely refused to tinker with it, period… And of course your star candidate, that psychotic Killary Clinton, was not able to switch the votes fast enough in what was indeed a landslide vote for Donald Drumpf, and you lost the election fair and square even in a corrupt system….

What we are seeing with all of these “riots” in major American systems is of course that criminal George Soros and his cronies paying idiots to go out there and stir up as much trouble as possible… These criminals are still hoping that given enough time and causing enough trouble that they may be able to either force the criminal US President, Barry Soetoro, to call off the results of the election and impose martial law across America with the statement that the results are null and void.. Or they are indeed hoping to create such a fuss and to go out there and threaten the people who run the electoral college to change their vote with physical harm, that they can somehow change the results to allow the Jewess Clinton into the White House…. But in doing so, they are indeed in clear violation of US law and should all be in prison….  Luckily, these “riots” and “protests” in most American cities are now dying down, as the electorate is finally coming to the reality that Drumpf is the next President…

Look I am no fan of Donald Drumpf, for I am not blinded to the reality that Drumpf is indeed a Jew butt kisser and will do exactly what the criminal Jewish elite that control America demand…The facts are that he is now indeed the next President of the United States, and the American people will have to live with that as the new reality…. There is still the hope that with Drumpf in the White House, that there will indeed be a “new hope” for America, and that radical changes to the government will be at hand… But I sincerely doubt it…..

There has been a few positive things happening with Drumpf now President-Elect that must be noted… First, it does appear that the risk of World War III has been abated, and in spite of Barry Soetoro still trying to stir up trouble with the Russian Federation, the Russians are fully aware that Barry’s days are numbered and a “new sheriff” is in charge come January…. Even President Putin has already been in direct contact with Donald Drumpf, and he is willing to now work with the new President towards new peace accords, rather than having to work with the insane Killary Clinton that would have threatened war…… Second, apparently two major corporate giants, both Ford Motor Company and Apple Computers, have already agreed to move some of their businesses that have for the last decade been “off shored” to second and third world countries, back to America…. Yes, with Drumpf in charge and wanting to do business rather than war, apparently major industries are taking notice and wanting to relocate back to America…. This is indeed good news for many Americans….

Some of asked me already about some of the possible appointments to Drumpf’s new cabinet… There are some possible appointments, such as Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani that could raise a few eyebrows and we can only hope that Drumpf stays far away from these criminals… And of course there is the fear that the Jewish and Jewish controlled “Neocons” will try to now slither their way into Drumpf’s cabinet positions as well… We can only hope that Drumpf continues to understand that his election was indeed mostly a revolt against the established cronyism that has infested Washington for decades and that he should be listening to his electorate and stay far away from these criminal elements….We will see over the next few weeks who gets what, and with those selections we will finally know for sure if Drumpf is indeed either a Jew lackey or indeed a true force for change…

I also did notice that just this last week that sick and demented creature, Killary Clinton, finally resurfaced after her resounding loss earlier this month… And yes that creature did indeed look like the living dead…. Her true colours have also become apparent when recent reports stated how this foul creature reacted in the days after her crushing loss… Supposedly this demon went ballistic and threw not only a childish temper tantrum, but apparently almost had a full fledged mental breakdown… This does not surprise me one bit, considering all the reports that show for the last decade what kind of a mindset and how truly evil this creature is…. And therefore I do have a question for all those bleeding heart liberals out there that supported this psycho:  Seeing what this foul creature is truly like, how could you possibly in your wildest imagination have ever considered voting for her?

Well, enough of the American Presidential circus… The situation in Syria is now definitely one of a lost cause for the United States and their vain attempts to have that peaceful nation destroyed to make room for a pipeline…. The Russians and the Syrians are now indeed going all out for a final victory, and the news is coming in showing that the US backed fraudulent ‘rebels’ are on the run with nowhere to go…. The criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal is now definitely out of options, and unless there is a new “false flag” that takes place in just the next few days, their defeat is at hand….

It is therefore no wonder that we find the US government and their own liars in the US State Department come out now with more lies that Russia and Syria are bombing hospitals…..Just last week we saw one of the biggest idiots around, John Kirby, go up to a podium and lie to the world press that the US has evidence from “reliable sources” that Syria and Russia has been attacking hospitals….The only problem was, these “reliable sources” are NON-EXISTENT, and when Kirby was confronted and challenged by several reporters to show his evidence and his sources, he could not…. It was so laughable to watch the video of this criminal lie and then squirm as he was unable to show his proof at all…. It shows the utter audacity of the US government that they are now stuck with only lies and falsehoods to sell to the world… And yes, the Jew spew media across America and even up here in Canada, in spite of there being no proof and no evidence, is still trying to sell this lie even today!   I am also so shocked that anyone actually believes this bullshit, but I can guarantee that there are indeed so many gullible idiots out there that will believe this garbage without any thought to the contrary….

And yes, the Russians and Syrians have now renewed their offensive assaults on eastern Aleppo city and have made some significant gains in the last few days  alone against a much diminished and weakened opposition from the fraud US “rebels” and mercenaries still holed up there…. Sadly, there have indeed been many new reports of civilian deaths from these assaults, but that is to be expected as these fraud “rebels” have been commanded by their US paymasters to not only fight to the death, but to use the civilians still stuck there as human shields…..Using human shields is indeed a violation of international law and a war crime, and I can guarantee that once Aleppo is free and the “rebels” are forced to surrender, many will be exposed as US operatives and the US itself should be put up on charges for war crimes…..

While the war in Syria still rages, the “Battle for Mosul” continues with “News” that the Iraqis and Americans now have “ISIS” “surrounded” in the city itself….. The fraud news reports also state that the next “phase” in the battle could be a protracted one as the Americans and Iraqis attack the city itself…. BUT I will make it clear that this is all staged theatre, as “ISIS” itself is of course a US operation and therefore this “Battle for Mosul” is all for propaganda to sell to the gullible American people the lie that the US is fighting and somehow winning their phoney ‘war on terror’……I have not swayed from my opinion that Mosul is a charade, and I have not found any evidence at all for the last few months that show otherwise…..

Of course while the Middle Eastern wars continue, there is trouble for the US in Ukraine, where apparently the Ukrainian people may have finally had enough of the US puppet regime in Kiev and are about to overthrow the Poroshenko government and his cronies in power…. And rightfully so, for the last two and 1/2 years of US puppet regime control in Ukraine has been a disaster for the Ukrainians as they have watched their economy and their standards of living become an unmitigated disaster….And there has been other reports as well this last week about US agents and officials pulling out of Ukraine which signals that the rats are deserting the sinking ship before they are thrown out of the country through an uprising by the people themselves….. Lets face the reality here that thanks to the US, another great nation has been ruined and it could take decades before Ukraine is able to recover from the damage…..It also shows once again that any nation that the US intervenes or interferes with, becomes ruined or destroyed in the process……

One major issue that also rose up this week that I found interesting and yet very disturbing…It concerns all the reports this last week how criminal corporations such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter, are all wanting to change the way “news” is reported, by moving to crush “false news” that they claim is rife all over the alternative media…. Well, I have news for these Jewish criminally run groups… We are NOT the “false news” at they wrongfully claim, and in fact have been the bastions of real news reporting for years now… The real “false news” is in fact the garbage that those criminals at “Facebook” and “Google” promote, and we should all be weary of these “outlets” for what they really want to happen is to crush the real truthful news out there and have everyone continue to believe their own fake and false “news stories”…. I for one have long stated that these “social media” outlets are frauds and are rife with lies and falsehoods….It only adds to my statement that I have long made that everyone should avoid “social media” platforms at all cost…

Well, I have finally been in contact with my good friend Whitewraithe yesterday, and I will let everyone know that she is OK, though she has been out of work for several months now and has indeed been suffering from depression…. We had a long discussion about a whole range of issues, including the US Presidential “selection”campaign, and what will happen in America with Donald Drumpf now in control …. She said that she will begin writing again over at Pragmatic Witness ( and that she has a lot to catch up on…… Eventually we are hoping to relaunch our podcasts, and again I will let everyone know if and when that happens……

OK, I guess that is enough for the moment…. As usual, I cannot cover everything that is possibly happening everywhere, but hopefully will give my own two cents worth to other major issues right here in my “last minute tidbits”……… First and foremost, I saw a few reports this last week where some “experts” are still calling this last year the “hottest year on record”.  Considering the fact that there are real reports out there that show record cold temperatures across the planet happening right now, I again must ask what these so called “experts” are smoking?….. But of course we find all these doom and gloom “climate experts” out there now, for our criminal governments have indeed signed off on the fraud “Paris Accords” for “climate change” and are definitely wanting to impose their fraud carbon taxation on their citizens before the suckers realize they have been conned!…….Another report this week shows that the laughable F35 fighter project is a dud and that this “lemon” still needs years of development before it will ever be “combat ready”.  After some 400 BILLION dollars wasted on this useless project, maybe incoming President Drumpf will make it one of his first policies to cancel this disaster once and for all?………Well, the World Health Organization has FINALLY come out and stated clearly that the “Zika virus” is no longer a threat.  In reality it was never a ‘threat’ in the first place and these liars had to finally come out now and admit the truth.  Yes, “Zika” was indeed another scam to try to promote vaccines, and luckily these criminals failed this time.  But they will try again soon with another fraud ‘scare’, hoping the gullible public swallows their bullshit……….Lets get the facts straight about this Dakota pipeline protest once and for all.  The government has been wanting to build the pipeline across sacred native territory and the natives have every right to block that construction.  This is another case of the rights of the people being subverted by the government’s bowing to corporate greed……..From what I see happening in Europe with the illegal migrants destroying nations just backs up what I said in last week’s article that destruction is definitely by design.  I am still wondering at what point will the European people say enough is enough and actually remove their own crooked governments and start rightfully deporting these illegals?…….A possible “ceasefire” in Yemen?  Doubt it, for the criminal Saudi regime is hell bent on winning this war even though at this point they are being soundly beaten.  This will be wait and see, and we can only hope that if this is indeed a real ‘ceasefire’ it may prevent the real crisis which is of course the danger of famine in Yemen itself…….One piece of good news here, apparently the ultimate evil, Benyamin Miliewkosky aka “Netanyahu” is up on charges of corruption in the criminal state of Israel.   Gee, even criminals in a real criminal state can actually see jail time.  We can only hope….. Arsenal played Manchester United yesterday to a 1-1 draw.  Honestly, the Gunners have been so-so this year and it does trouble me with their star studded line up that they are not doing better in the table standings.  Things have to improve or it will be another year without a championship and I can guarantee that there will be major changes in the off season if that happens………For the last year, I have been blasting the Kardashians and their gawd awful show as a brain drain for Americans, but just the other night I saw highlights while flipping to sports highlights, on other equally atrocious “reality shows” such as one called “Dating Naked” (yes, it makes sense to date in the nude supposedly…) and “Catching Kelce”(skanks vying for the “love” of an American athlete?  who would have thought…).   If this is what the Jewish criminals in charge want to fill the empty American minds with, then maybe the skank “Kardashians” and their garbage “show” is just the tip of the iceberg of absolute crap!



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