Message From Florida: Trump To Win

Here in the UK, the bias BBC continue to suggest it’s closer, but of course Hillary will win…. so curious, I asked Sharkhunter President Harry Cooper…

“Harry, any sense of the support there in Florida? The BBC, so bias toward Clinton, suggest she’s still in the lead. What’s your Florida take in a few words? I’ve a 5-1 bet on Trump.”

Back came the response:

“Think you will win your bet………….please God! I drove 90 minutes to and 90 minutes back from the VA hospital today. I saw NO Hillary stickers…..except the three on my Suburban that say Hillary for Prison.
No other cars had any Hillary stickers at all but there were a great many with Trump stickers…….like my Suburban with three of them.”


PS… NPP: don’t hold me to this – I’m just the messenger. I expect the Hillary machine to tell us she won. After that? The entertainment carries on!
PPS… spoken to NYC this morning: The world is not solid!


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