Make Ron Paul Trump’s Secretary of State/Treasury

by Joe Hank

Recently neocon Jennifer Rubin stated she is concerned that Trump might want Ron Paul for the role of Secretary of State in his cabinet. Ron Paul has recently addressed this, saying this is an unlikely scenario.

Yet the entirety of Trump’s candidacy has been made up of unlikely scenarios. And while Ron Paul might not align with Donald Trump politically, the similarities of their candidacies are striking; both didn’t buy into special interests, both exposed corruption on national TV, both weren’t afraid to speak their mind, both are fierce critics of the current foreign policy of the United States and both made the establishment shake in their boots.

This leaves me with the thought of “why not?”. Why would Trump not want Ron Paul in his cabinet? Ron Paul has proven to be a capable statesman and a patriot, and has a large following. Trump could be compelled to bring him in both because Trump wants a competent and intelligent cabinet and because it will draw many voters to him.

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