Kaliningrad, not Stalingrad

Sorry, fresh input and this is correct.  The focus of all the ship, weapons and troop movement appears to be Kaliningrad, the former Koenigsberg in the sliver of former German territory that is now Russia but separated from the main part of Russia.  That ancient city is just south of the three Baltic States.
300,000 TROOPS – As previously stated, 300,000 troops have been put on DefCon 2 and are ready for deployment to the Baltic States at a moment’s notice.
EASTERN BALTIC – In addition to the possible troop mobilization, our S.E.I.G. Agents tell us that there are twelve transport ships en route to that area.  It is assumed that they are loaded with munitions and we are told for sure, many light tanks.
MEDITERRANEAN SEA – is getting so loaded with warships that the water level must be several inches higher…that is a joke, but there are warships from at least seven navies in the Med and maybe more.  It is likely that the Russian carrier battle group that was so closely watched transiting the English Channel is now in the Med as are ships of the US Navy, the Royal Navy, the French Navy, the Spanish Navy, the Italian Navy and several others.  The Med is a rather small bathtub to be floating so many toy boats…….but these are not toys.  So why are they all there?
AGRICOLA and MARCONI – S.E.I.G. Agent AGRICOLA (and others) are keeping a close watch on this situation and updating us frequently,  S.E.I.G. Agent MARCONI is having his radio intercept crew listening to the signals coming forth and will give us an update as soon as the information comes available.
WHY? – It would appear to be a lot of sabre rattling disguised as ‘war games’ or ‘military training’ but in reality, it sure appears to be sabre rattling while keeping a strong military presence afloat in the Med and ashore in eastern Baltic area just in case…….  We hope to see it all defuse and all go their separate ways……and soon.

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