Julian Assange Out Embassy & Safe

HIstory is being made.  A second American Revolution is taking place.  US INtelligence services are feeding Wikileaks with the material he is publishing.

From Rebekah Roth’s Bookface page:
Listen to this VERY carefully, I am also hearing that Julian Assange is out of the embassy in London and is SAFE. Please listen and share this is an ongoing operation, WE need EVERYONE to VOTE for #TRUMP2016. More is coming out about the Clintons, sex, child porn etc. DO YOUR PART HELP MAKE THIS VIDEO VIRAL and there is another one on the Clintons and pedophilia.

This video, “The Hillary Clinton Takeover,” was released on my YouTube Channel at 12:00p, My site, www.StevePieczenik.com was down as of 12:20p.
Watch and Share This While You Still Can: https://youtu.be/ov5kvWSz5LM


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