Jesus’s Mum? Let’s Go On The Internet!

TAP…. I think one of your faves, Ralph Ellis. 3 hours! A fun moment around 22 mins 30 secs of episode 3 below… as Ralph Ellis explains:

“The mother of King Izas Manu of Edessa was Queen Helena of Judea 1st century… biggest palace, biggest tomb in Jerusalem which is still there… she was the mother of Jesus. I’ll tell you a funny story about this…
I went to Israel, I’ve been there 3 or 4 times… you get off the aircraft and as you can imagine, security is tight when you go through Tel Aviv airport, you get an individual interview… this guy was very thorough, very professional… he said why are you here?
I said I’m investigating the history of Queen Helena of Judea.
He said there is no such Queen, don’t be stupid… he said I was born here, I was educated here, there is no Queen Helena.
I said I’m sorry, but there is. Let’s go on the internet
So he googled Queen Helena and there she is, Queen of Judea. He had no idea who this person was.
So he said, oh OK, you’re right, here’s your visa, off you go…
So, this very very famous Queen of Judea has been deleted from history…. because her history is controversial… because the last thing anyone wants is putting 2 and 2 together and she was the mother of Jesus…. they re-invented her as the mother of Constantine the Great, the inventor of Christianity… and the real Queen Helena just disappeared…”

Nothing to rock the boat there then!?

072 The Grail Cypher Ep 1 – ModernKnowledge @ CapricornRadioTV
073 The Grail Cypher Ep 2 – ModernKnowledge @ CapricornRadioTV

…. 22 mins 30 secs of episode 3… Ralph Ellis explains:
074 The Grail Cypher Ep 3 – Ralph Ellis/Michael Tsarion – ModernKnowledge @ CapricornRadioTV

It’s fascinating to observe the debunkers too. Here is some one suggesting we take Ralph Ellis with a pinch of salt:
“That’s right. Though the article says nothing whatsoever about an academic affiliation, credentials, or if this individual has a grasp of the ancient, original languages….” ……. and so it goes on.

More on Ralph Ellis and his Jesus as King of Edessa
“In my last post I went through and showed the breathtakingly poor arguments of Ralph Ellis who argues, among other things, is that Jesus was a descendant of Cleopatra, was the king of Edessa, and was exiled to Britain by the Romans to become King Arthur. There I showed how in a single paragraph of his book that his ideas were so full of wrong that it is hard to imagine it was accidental.”

Naughty naughty Ralph!!

The solution? Bring them all to a public platform to be examined and investigated openly; perhaps a publicly funded platform… oh we have one: The BBC! Hmmm….

I know, I have a BBC fetish: Drain The BBC Swamp!
My fiver’s on Ralph!


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