Hysterical, Panic-stricken EU Declaring War on “Toxic” Russia – Russians Fuming, Putin Taking It Easy

Somehow, the EU is panic-stricken and completely hysterical. It desperately needs an external enemy in an attempt  to create a justification for it unravelling clepto- and “idiotoxicracy”: It has stolen our sovereignty and money in dictatorial ways against the will of Europeans, mocked us as “populists” (read idiots) and is  now – alongside with NATO)  doing its utmost to steal and eradicate our very souls and national identities through criminal bombings of Muslim countries to create fanatic mass immigration of refugees and mainly poverty migrants being canalized into the EU to islamize Europe – with the help of  Supermason Merkel and her hordes of Islam-infected Marxist feminists who apparently cannot be raped and here often enough – by order from the London City via George Soros and here.

But these traitors know that their peoples are awakening due to alternative media and by and by the MSM, too – and see the henchmen as what they are: puppets.

Therefore, they seem so scared that they will censor alternative media – and by and by the MSM, too, which threaten their reelection. Merkel and Obama will eradicate “fake news” i.e. news that reveal their unconstitutional sheenanigans against the interests of their peoples. 

But they know that this is impossible without an obvious police state, So they try to provoke  war with Russia – and both the German and Czech and US governments have called on us to prepare for the worst: incoming missiles.

In the EU Parliament they are making strong efforts to provoke Russia – declaring war on Russia, calling her “toxic” and comparing her with ISIS!


Russia Insider 24 Nov. 2016  Reacts in a language worse than in the Cold War – but actually very accurate:
The laughable rubber-stamp parliament in Strasbourg, which the EU Politburo – EU Commission (so dubbed by Vladimir Bukovsky) created to fool people into thinking they were a democracy, has found something to occupy its time: passing a non-binding resolution deploring the heinous Russian propaganda coming from outlets such as RT and Sputnik. (Non-binding, since that’s the only kind of resolution the impotent parliament can pass – it’s not empowered to originate its own legislation.)

A series of irrelevant nutjobs mostly from neurotic eastern European states suffering from chronic National Identity Disorder, proceeded to lecture the chamber on the wiles of Russia and its nefarious English language propaganda organs. Obviously these sycophants are trembling now that Donald Trump is poised to overturn the political status quo on which they have staked their mediocre careers. This is their way lashing out – a knee-jerk, pointless spasm of angry imbecility.

Still, not to take such a provocation lightly, the Russian government responded in characteristically measured fashion. Vladimir Putin leveled a gentlemanly rebuke at the sorry legislators for their abandonment of principles of free and democratic exchange of information. He also found a moment to congratulate Russia’s English language media on their fine work in proving a thorn in the dishonest Eurocrats’ side.


Are we to laugh or cry?

Source: http://new.euro-med.dk/20161126-hysterical-panic-stricken-eu-declaring-war-on-toxic-russia-russians-fuming-putin-taking-it-easy.php


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