Has Trump Already Killed Off TPP?

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Published on 10 Nov 2016
Probably not a coincidence that shortly after President-elect Donald Trump’s first official visit to the White House & extended private sit-down with Obama, the Internet exploded with excitement over news that Obama has declared the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) dead, reversing his earlier plan to push for TPP passage before leaving the White House in January. Awesome first deal for us, Mr. Trump. Almost everybody – honest Republicans, honest independents, honest American workers, and honest policy analysts – thought the TPP was a bad idea.

NPP: I missed this reversing announcement, but welcome it if true.


2 Responses to “Has Trump Already Killed Off TPP?”

  1. Tapestry says:

    TPP can be replaced with same idea under different name. Trump’s inverted pyramid hands show something possibly.

    • NPP says:

      Trump May (Obama)Care and Theresa May Brexit…
      I do not expect so much. The globalist power brokers must be so damned powerful, whomever takes the crown.
      For now I am content Hillary did not win.
      I even wonder was it rigged to ensure a Trump victory? They realised Clinton was not so popular, even hated by so many? They realised the Wikileaks damage had to be appeased?

      People can hold their hands in unwitting symbolic gesture – I guess the likes of Trump prefer to have the hands steady rather than fiddling about like a BBC on the ground repeater.

      May be he’s just another arsehole. We will see. Let’s be grateful the Clinton / Bush gang have apparently been dismissed for now.

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