Griffin, you’ve got this wrong. Climate change is real. G. Edward responds…

2016 November 3
from G. Edward Griffin

Griffin, you’ve got this wrong. Climate change is real.

That’s the message I received yesterday in response to my announcement of an event in Phoenix next month entitled Global Warming; An Inconvenient Lie.

At that conference, experts from around the world will assemble to shatter the myth of global warming – and you are invited.

The subscriber who assured me that climate change is real is merely repeating what he undoubtedly believes to be true, but he has been deceived by junk science. He formed his opinion from articles in mainstream media that five tiny reef islands in the South Pacific have been swallowed up by rising sea levels and that this is proof that global warming is melting the polar ice. He wrote:

“Then why is the sea level rising? You’ve got this wrong. Sure the Clintons and others of their ilk are out to exploit carbon credits, etc, but climate change is for real.”

Hello Bob.
If you can attend the event in Phoenix, you will learn that the sea level is not rising. That is part of the global-warming myth. In some places (five small South-Sea islands formed from reefs), the land is sinking and being washed away by wave action (making it appear that the sea is rising) and in other places, the land is rising (making it appear that the sea is lowering). In mainstream media, we hear much about the first group but nothing about the second. In most of the world, there is asolutely no change at all. Yes, climate change is for real – just as it always has been every season of every year and every hour of every day, but long-term global warming is not real. Hope to see you in Phoenix. Please come and get the facts.

If you are of the opinion that global warming is real, you owe it to yourself to listen to what our experts have to say. This is not a small matter. As we speak, national and international leaders are assembling the political machinery to take away your property, to relocate your residence and place of employment, to control your use of electircal appliances, to take away your automobile, and to tax you into oblivion for your so-called carbon footprint – all in the name of combatting global warming – which doesn’t even exist.

Your prosperity, privacy, and liberty are hanging by a thread. You cannot afford to be disintersted in this issue.


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  1. jkick says:

    Tap,whilst his book, WWC, is a good read for anyone wanting to know the mechanics behind the cancer industry, the problem with Griffins« credibility lies within his hall of honor page on the FFI site.

    Alex Jones ffs.

    Here’s a snippet from his bio…

    “He is considered by many to be the grandfather of what has come to be known as the 9/11 Truth Movement……”

    lol, there aint no 9/11 Truth Movement.

    More like 9/11 shill movement.

    Of course, regarding paid shills, they got to give you some credible info, you just got to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

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