Germany takes over world leadership from the US

GLOBAL LEADERSHIP – According to information sent here by S.E.I.G. Agent

AGRICOLA, the USA is no longer the world leader – it is Germany.


The report:

Berlin is a place where US presidents make history.


In this once divided city, Barack Obama, the outgoing President of a now divided USA,

came bearing a baton, a torch of global international leadership to pass on to

Chancellor Angela Merkel.


He lavished praise on his “closest ally” in office. Frau Merkel

almost appeared to tear up as he recounted her personal history being the story of

Germany’s success.


President Obama practically said he would vote for her, if he could. How history’s

wheel turns. In his own analysis, it does not move in a straight line, it zigzags.

Donald Trump’s election, Brexit, the rise of some populist movements; all have been

woven together by digitization, and the easy percolation of false simple answers to

complex truths, he says.


Harry Cooper



3 Responses to “Germany takes over world leadership from the US”

  1. NPP says:

    Sharkhunter President Harry does proviide interesting material via his membership contacts.

    How experts and power brokers love to remind how complex the truth always is; so complicated, it requires authorised experts…
    …. I am inclined to suspect good solutions are often simple; if it is too complicated, it may be bollox.

  2. Tom74 says:

    And that sad thing is, it could have been us. But instead we chose to allow rich foreign business people to asset strip the country, our political system to become corrupted by money and the Americans to use the UK as their trojan horse in Europe. So instead of leading Europe we can’t even lead ourselves. Tragically, we’re seeing the final descent and splintering of our country.
    But keep drawing Hitler moustaches on a real, respected democratic leader if it makes you feel better about this pathetic and entirely self-inflicted state of affairs.

    • Tapestry says:

      Quite a family likeness, I think you’d agree. It’s not simply caricature. The Russians believe she is biologically Hitler’s daughter. Being illegitimate she could have a desperate need to connect with the father she never knew. By carrying out his work for him.

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