Germany and Austria ask former army officers to re-enlist. Martial Law being threatened in the USA.

TRUMP and NATO – This just in from one of our most trusted S.E.I.G. Agents and it is so hot that we will not even identify him/her.  Here is the report:
Two days prior to the election, NATO put 300,000 troops on Defcon 2 and made them deployable to the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania rather close to Russia.  These battlegrounds are not that far from Kaliningrad, and not a good place to start a conflict in winter.
     Former German and Austrian officers are being asked to re-enlist and receive one grade level promotion and full military benefits.
There is much more to this report including the GREEN Agenda and the NWO meeting in Marikesh, possible conflict with Russia and Martial Law in the USA.  The full report has been passed on to our Sharkhunters Members.
I personally do not think this will happen…..or if conflict does break out, invoking Martial Law would cause one hell of a mess here in the USA and in the world. As I said – I do not think this will happen and we will keep our Members up to speed on this, passing on any and all details as we receive them.

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