Gay Trump Supporter Milo Meets A BBC Presstitute

I turned on the BBC R4 Today programme this morning and there was Nick ‘establishment bum lick’ Robinson asking some one if they were racist or, and distinguishable and even worse than just mere racism, anti-Semitic? It is a frequent line of BBC interrogation. Soon after they had the regular Trump sceptic item and like the US media, portray Hillary Clinton as leading in the polls and generally expected to win over the racist, sexist, ‘marmalade face’ Donald, who should he win, will press the nuke button and bring forth the end of the world as we know it; just as happened with Brexit. Plus, they debated why the UK is not embracing Sharia Law… oh goodness, the mind boggles. We’re trying to sort Maritime from Common and Natural Law, and you now they want to introduce Sharia?!

Then you go to the internet… yeah, but, anyone can put anything on the internet unlike the BBC and its mainstream affiliates which are so fair, trusted, reliable, professional, open minded and provide an equal platform to all!? Well if you still believe that, I have the proverbial bridge to sell you.

This coming clip is a classic BBC politically correct presstitute trying to chip away at a chap who is comfortable with who and what he is. I do not care for nor advocate sodomy, but for others that wish to, that is their prerogative. I declare this so you are aware I am not a gay flag waving shirt-lifter going rah rah rah for Milo… be as you wish to be, just do not insist it upon me. Indeed, I am pissed off with the 6 colour rainbow flag because it has hijacked the traditional 7 colour peace symbol… I find Gay Pride about as tedious as I find Black Lives Matter or Labour’s Momentum movement; they all smack of collectivist bullshit to me. But, this current day gay icon Milo speaks common sense and I support his right to be free to see as he wishes to be. It is the BBC idiot, so typical of the BBC, who gets my goat. Resign now you superficial little grunt and give over to some one else who does understand real journalism, perhaps even proper investigative reporting and the right of individual freedom to express and be as they wish to be.

BBC Tries to Ambush Milo…With Exactly The Result You’d Expect

Milo’s status at Twitter:
“Account suspended.
This account has been suspended. Learn more about why Twitter suspends accounts, or return to your timeline.”
Yeah, freedom of expression, just like Saudi or China!?

Let’s start with a Milo shot across the politically correct bows…

M: “It isn’t radical İslam that is the problem, it is Islam.”

Wow, bet that’ll get some uptight. Let me interject immediately Milo. May I suggest it isn’t Islam per se, it is the manipulation of religious beliefs used to divide and rule us; if you plonked a church in Turkey’s Eastern Anatolia and told the local villagers to get over it and accept it, they might be just as unsettled as if you plonked a mosque in a UK East Anglian village and told the locals get over it and accept it. How about a pub in the traditionally conservative Eastern Anatolian village and an alcohol ban in the East Anglian village? How about swimming costume etiquette? If you impose unfamiliar culture upon others, you risk conflict. We are experiencing an artificially induced pushing together of peoples and cultures which is dissolving the traditional culture of a given place. It’s called superstate building at the expense of local national and cultural identity. The world is a melting pot, but allow various factions to come together naturally and organically; not bomb the frigging daylights out of the Middle East and Africa and then wonder why millions are uprooted and migrating to the West. Suddenly, a migration issue is used as an issue of racism. Let’s continue…

BBC: “Do you consider yourself a white nationalist?”
M: “No…. I’m talking about culture not race and it is typical of the BBC to conflate the two…. I don’t care about skin colour, all my boyfriends are black, I don’t give a toss about skin colour… what I do care about is values and ideas and the regressive attitudes of Muslims in the West are terrifying…. and once you the BBC have failed to report on them accurately, you accuse people who are concerned with the changing nature of their culture, not race, you accuse them of being white nationalists.”

I interject – for example, because I supported UKIP I have been accused me of being an extremist. So, Bliar Brown, Major, Cameron, Obomba, Clinton are moderates? Really?! Just as mercenaries paid to invade Syria are called moderates?! I might add I have keenly followed and support Jeremy Corbyn. There you go, I must be a fascist-communist, can’t you tell?!
The BBC presstittue, in this case one James Cook, paid for by the UK taxpayer, denies accusing Milo of being a white nationalist, that he’s just asking a question…

M: “… you are doing it because you want to associate my admiration for American ideals with race…”

BBC: “What do you think of feminism?”
M: “I think it drives the sexes apart… when women see the nasty lesbianic misandrist (a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against men.) hateful feminist movement, they run a mile from it. The only people who are still feminist are journalists.”

At this point I am laughing to myself. This guy is hilarious, but then of course I am an anti-Semite racist climate change denying misogynist homophobic radical extremist, aren’t I?! I am reminded of Arron Russo retelling his encounters with Nick Rockefeller who explained the woman’s liberation movement was funded by them; the Rockefeller Foundation. Hang on, here’s the clip:

BBC: “What do you think will happen if Trump loses, to this movement that has been energised by his candidacy?”
M: “Trump capitalised upon it, he didn’t invent it. This part of the American population which could be anything from 30-50% that do no like globalism, do not like political correctness, who do want stronger borders, who aren’t happy with the trade arrangements (e.g. TTIP)…. those people aren’t going anywhere. In fact with Hillary Clinton in the White House, those people are going to be hugely energised… they are going to be louder than ever. About 30% of my audience are disaffected liberals who say I don’t necessarily agree with you, but it is important that I be here.”

This was a few snippets of the interview. I googled Milo to see what else might come up. Oh goodness Milo, it gets better:
Gay internet troll Milo Yiannopoulos goes on transphobic tour of America:

Gay internet troll Milo Yiannopoulos goes on transphobic tour of America

“The former Twitter troll also labelled trans people “mutilated trannies” who are “obsessed with being victims and being given special rights.”

The day I heard the BBC referring to ‘non-binary’ as a new gender definition, I shook my head in disbelief. It is a trend toward trans-humanism; the neutering of gender toward a test tube Brave New World society. I guess if that’s what floats yer boat, then good luck. It’s not a path I choose to follow.

This Milo Yiannopoulos:… is an interesting character. Watch this space.


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  1. emm jay says:

    I’ve seen Milo gaining attention quite a bit over the past months NPP. He so makes me smile. I’ve often felt that he’s one to watch. I so love that he says it as it is. He’s very clever. Can you imagine him ever being allowed on the MSM? … no, neither can I … lol!

    • NPP says:

      You can find him on Sky news and other ‘mainstreamy’ platforms. It seems the moment Twitter pulled his account, he went really viral… gays for Trump? Whatever next eh? I guess Hillary and her mafia gang thought they had the gay vote sown up – things change.

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