G. Eward Griffin responds to attack by Wigington

An e-mail received from G. Edward Griffin… let me state, I am English and bias toward this man. His work from health to economic history to acknowledging and explaining detestable Collectivism should be covered by my appalling taxpayer funded BBC, but it never is because the BBC are a Collectivist organ. So we smile and carry on our efforts. Man-made climate change? My view is it’s bollocks. Sir (oh really…) David Attenborough, Brian Cox, the BBC, try studying Viktor Schauberger!
I supported:
Jeremy Corbyn (yes, I know he seems to be a Collectivist, but he does not advocate killing people in foreign countries, once signed a Bradbury Pound motion paper and he’s a Gooner)
… and my money’s behind the ideas of Griffin. Typically of the ‘horses’ I tend to back, he offers open unedited debate. He does not hide away. He meets the challenge. C’mon Dane Wigington, take up Ed’s challenge!
As far as I am concerned, all my ‘horses’ won largely because of the internet, a game changer; it allows the sharing of information and ideas; ideas you may like, not like, agree, disagree with, or simply indifferent to. So, here we are on on the net, at an excellent example of sharing thoughts and ideas: TAP.
I ask you to consider supporting this quiet, courteous, courageous man. The e-mail….

Hello to all my friends and fellow crusaders.

I am using plain-text for this message without the usual colors and images to emphasize the fact that what I am about to say is very serious.

Freedom Force has put together potentially the most world-shaking event ever created in the battle against tyranny masquerading as environmentalism. It is a two-day event to be held in Phoenix on December 3 and 4 called Global Warming; An Inconvenient Lie. If you have not seen my previous mailings that describe this, please check it out now at the above link.

To say that the establishment is not happy about our project is the understatement of the century. I knew that the media, the politicians, and those whose livelihood depend on government funding would try to turn public opinion against us, but I did not expect that the first attack would come from a person who I and many others thought was on our side. But that is exactly what happened.

The attack came from Dane Wigington, a well-known opponent of geoengineering. In fact, when I helped to produce the documentary, What in The World Are They Spraying, I was happy to have him included to provide testimony about the many problems with geoengineering. Things, however, are not always what they seem, and it soon became clear that Wigington, although an opponent of geoengineering, is a staunch promoter of the theory of man-made global warming.

When Wigington learned of our project, he came unglued and began an all-out attack on me and our team of experts, and it was so widely circulated among my own supporters that it caused some people to hesitate about joining us in Phoenix. So now I need your help.

The first thing I must do is set the record straight about the substance of the attack. For that, I made a video statement yesterday that includes Wigington’s charges against me and my response.

Response to Wigington attack:

The video speaks for itself, but now we come to how I need your help:

(1) Please send this message to everyone you know who has an interest in this issue.

(2) Please join with me in Phoenix. We have about seventy more seats to fill to break even. To reach that goal, we have extended the Early-Bird rate all the way to the opening day. Please come and show support for the world-class myth-busters who will be there. They have put their careers and reputations on the line so we can create a Weapon of Mass Instruction that will blow away the global-warming hoax once-and-for-all. The program will be awesome.

If you cannot attend, please help by ordering one or more DVD albums of the event. Eventually you will want this album for your own library anyway, so now is an excellent time to place the order.

Event enrollment and DVD orders:
Thanks for reading this, and thanks for your help.

Ed Griffin


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