Fugitives From Justice: The Clinton’s Are Preparing to Run to Qatar with $1.8 Billion

Escaping justice to Qatar!

Escaping justice to Qatar!


Nobody can ever accuse the Clinton’s of not planning ahead. They have quietly taken $1.8 billion dollars out of the Clinton Foundation and have transferred the money to Qatar, a country with no extradition agreement with the United States.

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Source: http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2016/10/29/fugitives-from-justice-the-clintons-are-preparing-to-run-to-qatar-with-1-8-billion/


Obama Purchases 2 Million Dollar Retirement Property In The Middle East

With the election year quickly coming to a close, President Barack Obama has reportedly purchased a lavish 2-million-dollar retirement property in the village of Al`Arish, located on the Northern coast of Qatar in the Middle East. Positioned one mile below the settlement of Al Khuwayr, a municipality of Ash Samal – the former fishing village was abandoned in the early 1970s, since becoming a quiet ghost town situated against the Persian Gulf – making the spot an ideally secluded location for the sometimes rocky United States presidential transition.

Filled with rubble and decay, the coastal locale has succumbed to the ravages of time, with dilapidated structures punctuating a dry, barren landscape. With summer temperatures often approaching 112-degrees Fahrenheit, the harsh desert climate and deserted appearance lent itself to providing a perfect environment for the Obama family to retreat after 8 years in office. An uncharacteristically clean area near the Northern border of the town was salvaged and repaired by an as-of-yet undisclosed real estate firm, eventually offering the President an “under the table” deal on the land. Working with Canadian-based construction group Riebolt Development, erection of a lavish 25,000 square foot mansion was completed earlier this year – with additional security, air travel and access systems said to have been implemented by the end of Obama’s term in office.

This breaking story surfaces just days after Qatar-based student journalists inquired about cargo vehicles spotted traveling down rarely used access roads. After purportedly being met with firm oppositional silence from members of Riebolt, the students surprisingly took their story to the American media, sparking the current frenzy of intermediate coverage.

Obama reportedly purchased the land as early as winter 2008, although some reports find these accounts conflicting. All records agree however, that the soon to be former POTUS went to great lengths to keep detailing of his acquisition from going public. In recently surfaced documents, conversation logs and gag orders reveal mention of the property for at least two years back – including a threatening letter received by a lower-level Cabinet employee that allegedly threatened to tell news outlets just last month.

The Obama Administration has yet to make a statement, although leaked photographs taken earlier this year are said to “inextricably link the President” to the Middle Eastern beachfront residence controversy.

Source: http://thebostontribune.com/obama-purchases-2-million-dollar-retirement-property-middle-east/



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  1. ian says:

    They needn’t worry. The puppets are always cared for even once the strings are cut.

  2. Nollidge says:

    & some years ago,the Bushes were reported to have acquired land on the Paraguayn southern border,IIRC.

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