Former SEAL: ‘If Hillary Clinton Is [POTUS], Half the Military Is Gonna Get Out’

May, 13 2016

With the recent death of Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV in combat against the Islamic State in Iraq, and the 2016 presidential election on everyone’s mind, Bannon asked how morale was looking among our deployed troops.

“Forget it, if Hillary Clinton is the Commander-in-Chief, half the military is gonna get out,” Higbie predicted. “The willpower is there. The American soldier is dedicated, willing, and able, and we are the most lethal fighting force the world has ever known. We will execute the mission. You just have to support us, and let us.”
Former SEAL Carl Higbie: ‘If Hillary Clinton Is the Commander-in-chief, Half the Military Is Gonna Get Out’

There is another possibility…a military coup. Half the military quitting is obviously hyperbole. But, half the military getting together and deciding enough is enough, that’s different.

Incidentally, “Enough is Enough” is the supposed “Donald Trump” Illuminati card game card:

I’m starting to wonder if the whole election is rigged for Trump to win. He has the royal pedigree:

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton revealed to be distant cousins as family trees show they share same set of royal ancestors

And, he could rally the country a lot better than Hillary Clinton could. As is pointed out in the following video, Donald Trump was not impeded by the MSM; the MSM made him.



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